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#2261 answered "Disk quota exceeded" stops job building grenville pmcjs

Hello CMS,

I am building a UM job u-ap955 which got an hour or so into the compile when it stopped with the following messages (from the stderr log):

Switching to pmi/5.0.6-1.0000.10439.140.2.ari.
Switching to atp/1.8.3.
Switching to cray-libsci/13.2.0.
Switching to cray-mpich/7.2.6.
Switching to craype/2.4.2.
Switching to cce/8.4.1.
Switching to modules/
[FAIL] ftn -oo/ukca_calcnucrate_mod.o -c -I./include -s default64 -e m -J ./include -I/work/y07/y07/umshared/gcom/cce8.4.1/gcom6.2/archer_xc30_cce_mpp/build/include -O2 -Ovector1 -hfp0 -hflex_mp=strict -h omp /work/n02/n02/pmcjs/cylc-run/u-ap955/share/fcm_make_um/preprocess-atmos/src/um/src/atmosphere/UKCA/ukca_calcnucrate.F90 # rc=1
[FAIL] ftn-2116 crayftn: INTERNAL  
[FAIL]   "/opt/cray/cce/8.4.1/cftn/x86-64/lib/optcg" was terminated due to receipt of signal 013:  Segmentation fault.
[FAIL] compile    2.8 ! ukca_calcnucrate_mod.o <- um/src/atmosphere/UKCA/ukca_calcnucrate.F90
[FAIL] ftn -oo/thp_det_4a5a.o -c -I./include -s default64 -e m -J ./include -I/work/y07/y07/umshared/gcom/cce8.4.1/gcom6.2/archer_xc30_cce_mpp/build/include -O2 -Ovector1 -hfp0 -hflex_mp=strict -h omp /work/n02/n02/pmcjs/cylc-run/u-ap955/share/fcm_make_um/preprocess-atmos/src/um/src/atmosphere/convection/thp_det-thpdet4a.F90 # rc=1
[FAIL] ftn-2116 crayftn: INTERNAL  
[FAIL]   "/opt/cray/cce/8.4.1/cftn/x86-64/lib/optcg" was terminated due to receipt of signal 013:  Segmentation fault.
[FAIL] compile    0.4 ! thp_det_4a5a.o       <- um/src/atmosphere/convection/thp_det-thpdet4a.F90
[FAIL] ftn -oo/term_con_6a_mod.o -c -I./include -s default64 -e m -J ./include -I/work/y07/y07/umshared/gcom/cce8.4.1/gcom6.2/archer_xc30_cce_mpp/build/include -O2 -Ovector1 -hfp0 -hflex_mp=strict -h omp /work/n02/n02/pmcjs/cylc-run/u-ap955/share/fcm_make_um/preprocess-atmos/src/um/src/atmosphere/convection/term_con_mod-6a.F90 # rc=1
[FAIL] ftn-382 crayftn: ERROR in command line
[FAIL]   Cannot open Compiler Information File "<aux CIF>".
[FAIL] Reason: Disk quota exceeded

... [some more output] ...

My /home, /work and PUMA allocations all have plenty of space, but a check of SAFE seems to suggest that n02 has reached its file allocation on /work and is very close to the disk space on /nerc. I wonder if this is the cause of the problem. In the meantime I'll delete some unneeded files from Archer, although I don't think this will make much of a dent overall!

Thanks, Chris

#2879 answered "Negative mass in set_thermodynamic" error um_support charlie


Sorry to bother you, but I have an error in one of my runs (2 of them actually, u-bh301 and u-bh604, which are identical apart from speed/number of processes). The error is as follows:

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ? Error code: 100 ? Error from routine: set_thermodynamic ? Error message: A total of 1 points had negative mass in set_thermodynamic. This indicates the pressure fields are inconsistent between different levels and the model is about to fail. ? Error from processor: 263 ? Error number: 13 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I have found this error on the website of known failure points, and have tried following the first instruction i.e. just to retrigger the coupled, in case it was a hardware problem. Unfortunately, however, this appears optimistic, because the same error occurred again, roughly 3.5 hours through the task.

Please can you advise what this means? The instructions on the website say that if it fails again, to try restarting from an earlier restart dump in case one of them has become corrupted. I haven't done this yet, but surely if this was the problem, I would expect the failure to happen on the first timestep of the re-run, not 3.5 hours into it.

Many thanks,


#2810 fixed "Non-standard period for periodic data" error during glm recon when using ECMWF sea ice fields um_support shakka


I am trying to run suite u-be285 using N512 ancils created from ECMWF sea ice and SST fields, as I am aware Andrew Orr has also been trying to do. My ancillary files each run for one year at the same temporal resolution as I will be running the model: 12-hourly. They begin 12 hours before the start of each year, i.e. for 2008 the ancillary file begins at 12:00Z on 31/12/2007. However, I am getting the following error during the global recon stage:

Error message: replanca_rcf_replanca: Non-standard period for periodic data?  Error from routine: RCF_ANCIL_ATMOS?  Error from routine: RCF_ANCIL_ATMOS

IO: Open: /projects/polar/elgil/hindcast/N512_SIC_SSTs/2008_SIC_n512 on unit  13
Error in replanca_rcf_replanca
CMESSAGE replanca_rcf_replanca: Non-standard period for periodic data
ErrorStatus  631

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!       ERROR        ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
?  Error code: 631
?  Error from routine: RCF_ANCIL_ATMOS
?  Error message: replanca_rcf_replanca: Non-standard period for periodic data
?  Error from processor: 0
?  Error number: 7

Are you able to advise me on the best way to overcome this? I have had a go at changing some of the settings under /recon and ancil control/configure ancils and initialise dump fields, but to no avail.

Thanks, Ella

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