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#298 fixed PVTRACE documentation willie isssjp


I am trying to run PVTRACE. Are there any examples of how to use it, other than what is in the README file associated with the source code. I have created a 32bit pp file containing various fields. The error that I am currently getting is:

Cant determine vertical coord. type EXECUTION TERMINATED FROM getgrid

Is the STASH code for PSTAR=1. Where is this field read from, as PSTAR is not a STASH code that can be chosen for output to a PP file from within the UMUI. The first STASH code available is 00-002 U COMPNT Of WIND and not 00-001 PSTAR. Is PSTAR written out automatically to any PP file.

Which STASH codes are required for PVTRACE to run.

Thanks, Steven.

#309 fixed Duplicate F/F90 subroutines when porting MetOffice job to HECTOR ?] willie alindfor

[Ticket re-created due to web server work]


We are trying to setup a HadGEM2-L60 r1.0 job (from MetOffice?) for HECTOR, and now facing some problems.

We have a standard experiment (copy of xczia), that runs ok at HECTOR (id=xefsc, user=abozzo).

Our imported job is: id=xefsb, user=abozzo. Here, we get an error in compilation as follows:

qsmncompile(63): ***    Duplicate  Fortran files found
qsmncompile(63): ***
qsmncompile(63): *** /work/n02/n02/abozzo/um/xefsb/W/compile_xefsb/stwork1a.F
qsmncompile(63): ***    Error duplicate Fortran files found, exiting ...
qsmain(165.914): ***    Qsmncompile has failed. Exiting

So, it seems we have a duplicate versions of the stwork1a subroutine, both as .F and as .F90. In the xefsc job there is only the .F version, which shows differences as compared to the .F version of the xefsb job. So, our question is what we should be using for the xefsb job: the .F90 or the .F version, or something else?

Thankful for any help!

Alessio and Anders

#312 fixed Error code 10 during UM 6.1 run with modset to switch rain evaporation off willie bethan.white

I have been trying to set up a UM run (xegua) with rain evaporation switched off. I have taken my original (functioning) run xdzma and included a modset to do this (/work/n02/n02/eebaw/modsets/microphysics/mcr601_norainevap.mf77).

I have made a few other unrelated changes to job xegua from xdzma, namely increasing the amount of diagnostics required, and splitting the job into two so that the number of PP fields is not exceeded when outputting these diagnostics. Job xegua is the first of these two jobs.

The model compiled ok, but during the actual run I got the following message:

Routine generating error: LBC_Writflds Error Message 10: Problem in BUFFOUT files.

The run appears to have produced pp files, but they will not load into xconv.

The .leave file for the job is here: /home/n02/n02/eebaw/um/umui_out/xegua000.xegua.d09229.t192338.leave

I would be very grateful to know if you have any idea what is going on here.

Thanks very much, Bethan.

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