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#325 fixed Manipulating UM start dumps willie swr05keh


I am using vn7.1 of the UM running at 1km resolution and I would like to change the soil moisture field in my start dump. Are there any tools available for manipulating start dumps? I have looked on the NCAS website but can't find anything.

Thanks, Kirsty

#328 fixed Temperature on pressure level willie abozzo

Hi, I've got a probably trivial question, but I can't find the right help on the web site. I'm working with the 3D temperature filed on pressure level (UM v6.1, stash 16203). I need a smooth field from the top of the model to the ground (from 20hPa to 1000hPa), but when the pressure surface intersects the orography, I got discontinuity and random values in the temperature field. The 1000hPa level is completely land-masked. Example files can be found in /home/n02/n02/abozzo/work/um/xefse/A/apm Is there any tool to extrapolate the "below ground" temperature in order to smooth out the field? Or am I using the wrong diagnostic?

Thank you, Alessio

#329 fixed qsexecute error at point of job resubmission willie mx020105

Hello Helpdesk,

I have compiled and submitted a UM job (mx020105 - xdwsf) which seemingly ran successfully for its first couple of re-submissions but which now shows Segmentation Fault errors at the qsexecute stage of the re-submission process. It thus fails to run and aborts. I am running another virtually identical job in parallel (xdwse) which doesn't seem to be having the same problem. The only differences between the two jobs are in the use of one particular mod (xdwse has the mod /home/n02/n02/mx020105/am.mf77 and xdwsf has /home/n02/n02/mx020105/am_high.mf77) but I can't see that the mod should affect this. I'm struggling to work out why it is failing now when it ran successfully for the first couple of re-submissions.

An example of a .leave file for one of the successful submission times is: /home/n02/n02/mx020105/um/umui_out/xdwsf003.xdwsf.d09283.t135004.leave

and the subsequent failed resubmission is: xdwsf004.xdwsf.d09283.t235111.leave

I have tried simply resubmitting the same job without saving/processing it etc. but find now the same error at qsexecute when I do this.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks, Amanda Maycock

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