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#1048 fixed Job crashes with segmentation fault. willie Emma_Turner


I have got to the stage where the model is starting to run (two pbh output files are produced - one with data and the next without) and is then failing with Segmentation faults, that part of the .leave file is shown below.

_pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 00242] [c2-0c2s6n0] [Thu Apr 4 15:48:22 2013] PE RANK 48 exit signal Segmentation fault _pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 00243] [c2-0c2s6n1] [Thu Apr 4 15:48:22 2013] PE RANK 80 exit signal Segmentation fault _pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 00204] [c2-0c2s6n2] [Thu Apr 4 15:48:22 2013] PE RANK 112 exit signal Segmentation fault _pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 00205] [c2-0c2s6n3] [Thu Apr 4 15:48:22 2013] PE RANK 144 exit signal Segmentation fault [NID 00205] 2013-04-04 15:48:22 Apid 4179295: initiated application termination diff: /work/d43/d43-geos-climate/eturner/tmp/tmp.hector-xe6-14.12255/xihtb.xhist: No such file or directory qsexecute: Copying /work/d43/d43-geos-climate/eturner/um/xihtb/W/xihtb.thist to backup thist file /work/d43/d43-geos-climate/eturner/um/xihtb/W/xihtb.thist_keep xihtb: Run failed

We are trying to diagnose the cause of this failure. We have been trying to use totalview as recommended by HECToR but aren't having much luck. What would you recommend for debugging and how would we go about it? We have clicked maximum error message options in the umui. I have attached our .leave file.

Thanks! Emma

#1060 fixed qsub umuisubmit_clr not being found willie Emma_Turner


I just submitted a HadGEM2-A job, that has worked in the past (last week) and it is extracting fine, but after the extract I am encountering the below error which I don't understand:

FCM_MAIN: Submitting umuisubmit_clr … qsub: script file:: No such file or directory FCM_MAIN: Submit failed

Can you help?

Many thanks Emma

#1080 fixed Atmosphere basis time mismatch error um_support Emma_Turner


I am getting an atmosphere basis time mismatch error following a change in the start data of my run to a later date. In Atmosphere > Ancillary and input data files > Start dump I have selected Using the reconfiguration, and also the 2 options:

Overide year in dump with year in model basis time Resetting data time to verification time

The new start date shows at the top of this box. I'm not sure why this is happening if it is overiding the start dump?

The .leave file is in /home/d43/d43-geos-climate/eturner/um/umui_out/xihtd000.xihtd.d13157.t163942.leave which I think you have access to now if you want to look at the error.

Many thanks Emma

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