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#1655 answered using rose, gcylc on exvmsrose and vn10.2 on cray um_support markr

Hello, I have moved onto to using vn10.2 and exvmsrose (and exvmscylc) with xcm. I have successfully run a rose-suite (u-aa411) and I am developing u-aa547 a copy of u-aa411.

I wonder how iam supposed to view the rose-bush? I made a change to source nd ran u-aa547 a second time and it worked okay. I could tell my changes to the namelist were included as I put a print statement in the source.

However, now I made a second change and the suite fails. How do I interrogate using Gcylc? I tried following but the firefox command (issued on exvmsrose) did not connect to anything.

Hope there is a simple solution.

#224 fixed using jview to view pp files willie anmcr


I've installed jview on my unix system. But I'm having difficulty viewing .pp files. The .pp files were converted from 64 bit um files using convpp. I can visualise both the um and pp fields using xconv.

However, with jview I get the error (after selecting the pp file)

Record length is 131072 record length is 512 file not recognised %STOP encountered: OPEN FILE

I thought that I may have installed it wrongly. But it looks OK and reads .nc files with out a problem.

Can anyone help?


Andrew (anmcr)

#1000 wontfix using bottom script to change name of ancillary willie jcrook

I have copied a job from Scott Osprey/ Steve Hardiman which was run on Monsoon and uses a script to change the name of an ancillary file each decade. The script I originally obtained from these guys did not even recognise it was the end of the decade. I have modified it so that it now works on Hector (see work/RCP8.5/scriptmod/incr_chemox_bot85SMO.scr), but it then wants to edit the .phist file to change the ancillary filename there. This seems to fail. I do not know how it is supposed to work although I've sent an email to Scott who may be able to help.

When the job is automatically resubmitted does it read the .phist file to find out the names of the ancillaries and where it got to?

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