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#81 fixed reconfigured ECMWF global dump um_support hanneke


For one of my runs I am using a reconfigured ECMWF global start dump that Chang created for me. I noticed some differences compared to the UKMO start dump. For example, the boundary layer depth is constant globally (500m). After running reconfiguration and getting a start dump for my LAM, this is still the case. Isn't this a problem for the model run?

The reason I am looking into this is that my model run completes, but gives out mostly NaN's and shows this in the leave file:


initial Absolute Norm : 281436461.073034465

GCR( 2 ) failed to converge in 100 iterations.

Final Absolute Norm : 725.022702810517217


Atm_Step: Timestep 2

RHS zero so GCR( 2 ) not needed

============================================== (etc)

So my guess was that something is wrong with the start dump. I was wondering if things like the constant boundary layer depth could be causing this problem?

The start dump can be found here: /hpcx/home/n02/n02/hanneke/work/globaldumps/feb02/02022100.astart The run I am working on is xcncc.

Cheers, Hanneke

#82 fixed Reconfiguration fails even though identical job succeeds when run by another user. um_support r.j.keane@…

I am trying to run the job xcmlb on version 5.5 of the UM, on hpcx. It stops before it reaches the second timestep, but with no error message in the .leave file. An identical run, xbzsb, has been run OK by user sws00rsp, and I have got the run to work correctly using his .astart file as input. So it seems that the problem is with the reconfiguration and may be something to do with my account.

The .leave files should be readable in my directory (rjkeane); they are xbzsb000.xbzsb.d07226.t103555 (sws00rsp's run), xcmlb000.xcmlb.d07233.t175933 (my failed run) and xcmlb000.xcmlb.d07236.t130150 (my successful run with sws00rsp's .astart file).

I've marked this as lowest priority as I can use the .astart file for the time being!

Thanks, Richard.

#83 fixed need ID and password for puma jeff dbcl@…

I haven't used puma yet and haven't been able to ssh in today. At Reading my userID is doug. When I ssh to puma and use the password that works on oak at reading, ssh doesn't let me in. I'm not sure if my ID is doug on puma or if it is different - in reply to Lois's e-mail a while ago asking if we wanted to keep our existing IDs I think I suggested that I would like to become dbcl. But dbcl+my Reading password also don't work.

So…what's my login name, and can you reset the password?

Thanks! Doug

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