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#352 fixed Additional PC2 diagnostics willie kipling

In the PC2 documentation (annexe to UMDP29, s5.3) it is mentioned that the increments to prognostic cloud variables from certain sections of code (erosion, pressure forcing, initiation and bounds checking) are not ordinarily available, but are provided as diagnostics via a modset and user-STASHmaster file. Are these already available on PUMA, or will I need to request them from the Met Office?

#355 fixed Model crashes when orographic height is changed willie jsau

I am trying to get a basic UM vn6.1 run (xemqa) with modified ancillary fields. But when it comes to modifying the orography field, the model nearly always crashes in a way that I fail to understand. Most of the times it crashes before completing the 1st time step and yields the message:

"RHS zero so GCR(2) not needed."

I thought maybe the way I smoothed the orography was too sharp and led to instability of the model Therefore I tried 3 very simple modifications:

1) orographic height (ht) = 50% of actual ht (/home/n02/n02/jsau/um/umui_out/xemqd000.xemqd.d09342.t135336.leave)

→ CRASHED, "NaN" values appear at the end of the .leave file

2) orographic height (ht) = 60% of actual ht (/home/n02/n02/jsau/um/umui_out/xemqd000.xemqd.d09342.t153825.leave)

→ CRASHED, but no "NaN" values at the end of the .leave file

3) orographic height (ht) = 70% of actual ht (/home/n02/n02/jsau/um/umui_out/xemqd000.xemqd.d09342.t160947.leave)


Could you please help me understand why this is so? Should I try to progressively remove the orography, smoothing it a bit, running the model for a month, smoothing it a bit more, etc., in order for the extrapolation to yield realistic values? Is there something wrong with the other orographic fields (although I tried to change these on non-crashing runs and this did not appear to make them crash) and if so, how should I modify them?

(You will find the ancillary fields on /home/n02/n02/jsau/work/ancil/vn6.1/n96_hadgem1/output. They are respectively called qrparm.orog.minus50pct, qrparm.orog.minus40pct and qrparm.orog.minus30pct.)

Thank you, Jerome.

#368 fixed ecmwf dumps request willie mrusso

I'm currently running some experiments with the UM at different resolutions and would like to make some sensitivity tests on initial conditions. I've checked the hector directories with ecmwf dumps but the dates I need are not there.

Would it be possible to get ecmwf start files for 0Z on 30 Jun 2005 and 31 Oct 2005?

Many thanks in advance,
Maria Russo

NCAS Researcher, University of Cambridge

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