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#265 fixed using LAMPOS willie mjm

We installed LAMPOS on our cluster, ECDF, following the LAMPOS web page (setting alias, using $HOME/lampos).

  1. When the window opens there is no grid. Therefore,
  1. We tried to load a grid from a previous job, which for us meant that we created a ~/umui_jobs/xdukb directory and copied SIZES into it.

child process exited abnormally child process exited abnormally

while executing

"exec grep -i EWSPACEA= $file | perl -pe s{.*EWSPACEA=\\s*(\\S+),.*}{\\1}i"

(procedure "getgridfromjob" line 57) invoked from within


invoked from within

".view.rd.scr.lw.apply invoke"

("uplevel" body line 1) invoked from within

"uplevel #0 [list $w invoke]"

(procedure "tk::ButtonUp?" line 22) invoked from within

"tk::ButtonUp? .view.rd.scr.lw.apply"

(command bound to event)

We also tried installing LAMPOS on PUMA, but it rejected the processor type "athlon". Next we tried to use lampos_i386 directly, avoiding the top script, also failed as follows: mjm@puma:/export/puma/data-01/home/mjm> cd lampos mjm@puma:/export/puma/data-01/home/mjm/lampos> lampos_i386/lampos lampos.tcl Error in startup script: couldn't execute "../../bin/lltoeq.exec": no such file or directory

while executing

"open "|echo $scale $plon $plat $xshift $yshift $coast | ../../bin/lltoeq.exec" r "

(procedure "drawmap" line 21) invoked from within


(procedure "main" line 272) invoked from within


(file "lampos_i386/lampos.tcl" line 31)

So our questions are:

  1. is it better to have this on PUMA or on our own cluster?
  1. Can you give guidance to help it work on one or the other, please.

Regards Mike

#646 fixed username/password um_support williams

Please could I have a reminder of my username and password for hector.

Thanks, Paul.

#1464 fixed username not member of budget um_support csteadman


When trying to submit jobs on ARCHER, I'm getting the following message:

"qsub: User claudia is not a member of budget n02-chem MAIN_SCR: Submit failed"

I've gotten this same message with a tutorial job (xjsuz) and a different job (xkzpb). I've used n02-chem as the account code on MONSooN and had no issues submitting.

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes, Claudia

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