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#1993 fixed DrHook setup um_support Emre

Deaar HelpDesk,

I have been trying to set up DrHook on archer to do some time measurements. I followed the changes suggested in the ticket #1785 (Bindings location, container file name etc). But I still cannot find any reference to DrHook in the output /DATADIR/xmufi … What is DrHook exactly and how does it work? Is it a text-file which tells about the timings or some chart? I have no clue about this? Can you please help? More precisely

  1. How do I set it up?
  2. What do I need to do to run ?
  3. Where do I look up for the results? and how?

Thanks Emre

#2030 answered Archer job got stuck in the compilation and running indefintely ros Emre

Dear Helpdesk

I wanted to bring to your attention a situation which I never had before. I sent a job to archer (6months run-length). It is a copy of an earlier job which ran successfully.

4082635.sdb emre serial xmufr_buil 36093 1 1 — 02:00 R 13:21

The job seems to be taking too long for compilation. Although it is well beyond the set upper-limit it is still running. I think part of the code got stuck somewhere and it is going to keep running indefinitely.

I did "qdel" the job, but it is still running and it is causing resource leakage. Could you please tell me what is wrong and how to terminate the compilation.

Are there any reasons why the job just kept on compilation? Oddly a copy of the same job died immediately on the compilation stage (xmufs) with the record 5166 Nov 30 06:22 xmufp000.xmufp.d16335.t062000.comp.leave I dont understand this either. Please advise Thanks Emre

#2055 answered compiled jobs not running willie Emre

Hello Helpdesk, In the last few weeks I came across some strange situations.

1) The jobs which are copies of perfectly running jobs do compile well but never run. I can't understand why this happens, because ..comp.leave and …rcf.leave files seem OK. Here are some examples in the /home/output directory.

emre n02 13881421 Jan 16 18:17 xmufv000.xmufv.d17016.t170839.comp.leave emre n02 311383 Jan 16 19:07 xmufv000.xmufv.d17016.t170839.rcf.leave

Note : the above 2year xmufv job is 21-month job which never ever run although it is almost identical with the 9-month job (i.e., xmufu) which runs fine. 2) Even more strange situations I have experienced many times are those jobs which run on some days and complain in other days.

For instance the job xncga was running well a few days ago. On Jan 15 the compilation failed

(emre n02 3821 Jan 15 17:48 xncga000.xncga.d17015.t174206.comp.leave) with the complaint:

"" BEGIN failed—compilation aborted at /fs2/y07/y07/umshared/software/fcm-2016.10.0/bin/../lib/FCM/ line 26.

Compilation failed in require at /work/y07/y07/umshared/software/fcm/bin/fcm line 25 ""

This makes no sense I am already under umshared package and the same job used to run well.

On Jan 16 the same job decided to run again (without any complaints).

On the night of Jan 16 the same job failed again in the compilation stage. emre n02 1440 Jan 17 01:15 xncga000.xncga.d17017.t004855.comp.leave /home/n02/n02/emre/umui_runs/xncgb-017005338/umuisubmit_compile[42]: .: /work/y07/y07/umshared/bin/loadcomp: cannot open [Is a directory]

Can you help me resolve these issues ? Thank you

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