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#3188 answered ARCHER allocation for project partners - additional project partner um_support Leighton_Regayre


Again, I'd like to request an adjustment to our ARCHER /work allocation so Duncan Watson-Paris can join our collaboration and submit ensemble members for the A-CURE project.

I've used output created in response to ticket #3176 to reassess our needs. I expect this request is the last as we now have a good understanding of our suite performance.

Thomas Langton: 3Tb less Mark Richardson: 3Tb less Duncan Watson-Paris: 6Tb more

Thanks very much and apologies for not getting this right earlier.


#2832 fixed ARCHER archiving to the RDF um_support zliu


I am running the suite u-bf152 and want to archive the model output to RDF (/erc). I followed the suggestions on the website But it didn't work. Could you please help me about this? Thanks.

Best regards, zhen

#1894 fixed ARCHER compilation related to ticket #1877 ros Leighton_Regayre

I've had difficulty compiling jobs which compiled without issue at the start of the year.

I've read the solution described in ticket #1877 and subsequently added this line to my ~/.profile file:

. /etc/bash.bashrc > /dev/null 2>&1

The remainder of the advised addition was already included in my .profile. I sourced the .profile file and attempted to compile again, unsuccessfully.

The compilation issue looks to produce the same error messages as Nick experienced in ticket #1877.



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