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#3161 answered ARCHER allocation for project partners um_support Leighton_Regayre


Could you please give several project partners access to our A-CURE ARCHER allocation code? 'n02-NEP013406'

These project partners will help to submit our ensemblewhich is essential given the short amount of time remaining to use ARCHER.

Lucia Deaconu is a key member of the project team and is ready to submit some jobs as soon as access is granted.

There is also: Wuhu Feng Mark Richardson Duncan Watson-Paris Thomas Langton

who have ARCHER accounts and will soon be set up on pumatest.

Please let me know if there's anything else you need in order to grant them access. I sent this request to Grenville directly, but am repeating it here since this is the preferred method of contact. Sorry for the repeat request.

Thanks very much,


#3188 answered ARCHER allocation for project partners - additional project partner um_support Leighton_Regayre


Again, I'd like to request an adjustment to our ARCHER /work allocation so Duncan Watson-Paris can join our collaboration and submit ensemble members for the A-CURE project.

I've used output created in response to ticket #3176 to reassess our needs. I expect this request is the last as we now have a good understanding of our suite performance.

Thomas Langton: 3Tb less Mark Richardson: 3Tb less Duncan Watson-Paris: 6Tb more

Thanks very much and apologies for not getting this right earlier.


#2832 fixed ARCHER archiving to the RDF um_support zliu


I am running the suite u-bf152 and want to archive the model output to RDF (/erc). I followed the suggestions on the website But it didn't work. Could you please help me about this? Thanks.

Best regards, zhen

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