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#85 fixed Reconfiguration fails at call to control lois umdoc

Dear UMSUPPORT, I have for some time been trying to get an experiment to run on the hpcx. I currently have the results of two attempts on the hpcx. The runs are in ~richie/umui_runs/ and are named xcocd and xcpxc the output (leave files) have been copied to this directory too.

xcpxc tries to read in a binary file with ecmwf data in it by convincing the UM it is a grib file. I realise this is somewhat unusual but it worked on newton. The mod for this bit is um_mods/vn4.5/recon_grads.mod

xcocd uses a start dump from a run on newton.

Both runs are at 432 * 325 horizontally and use VN4.5. With liberal use of print statements I have found that the problem occurs when moving from scontrol to control (in the case xcpxc this is after the grib/binary has been read.)

I am hoping that there is a very obvious error I have made moving from newton to hpcx and if you could help to find it I would be very grateful. Cheers, Richard

Richard Ellis. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Room 63, Mclean Building, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BB, UK. Tel: 01491 692571

#86 fixed TRIFFID "disturbance" ancillary file um_support t.m.osborne@…


I am trying to run UM vn4.5 with MOSES 2 and TRIFFID. I believe I have all the mods with the model code, but I do not have an "disrurbance" ancillary file. Any ideas where (from whom) I may be able to get one that works on HPCx?



#87 fixed Submitting jobs to hpcx from puma ros cbain

Hello NCAS,

I can't submit jobs to hpcx from puma, it says 'login failed' when I try to sftp or ssh and the same when I try to submit a job. I've checked my password by logging into hpcx from Leeds and it's fine.

I was having trouble with puma yesterday as well as it was overriding changes I made to my umui jobs, but this seems to have fixed itself this morning.

There was no problem yesterday in submitting jobs.

Many thanks, Caroline

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