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#90 fixed density on rho levels? jeff cbain

Hello NCAS,

Is there any way of getting density out on rho levels? I assume it must be there somewhere but haven't found it… and temperature is only output on theta levels right? So can't use rho=p/RT

Hopefully this is a simple query!



#91 fixed archive 32-bit PP files? um_support jonathan

Dear Jeff and Lois

I would like to suggest that it would be better to archive 32-bit PP files of the kind produced by ff2pp, rather than the 64-bit PP files in UM dump format that come out of the model. That is, I would suggest that the archive system should run ff2pp (or equivalent). There are two main reasons for this. (1) The 32-bit files are half the size, but perfectly adequate for analysis. At the Hadley Centre we have never archived the 64-bit PP files and it has never been a problem for analysis. (2) The non-UM format is easier to process in analysis software. In particular, this is the format supported by the Met Office IDL library. xconv can handle both, of course. In Hadley Centre software, we use the suffix ".pp" for the non-UM 32-bit file format.

I should think that you don't want to change the HPCx archive system now, but maybe you could consider this for HECToR?

Thanks. Best wishes


#92 fixed Segmentation fault in call to GCG_RVECSUMR um_support rjel@…

Hi, In polar1 there is a call to the above subroutine which seems to crash the model. The job is called xcpwe it is a (432*325 Global run) and the scripts and output from the compilation and run are stored in /hpcx/home/n02/n02/richie/umui_runs

the mod I have written for print statements is in /hpcx/home/n02/n02/richie/um_mods and is called debug_um.mod

there is also a hand edit in ~richie called insert_for_cntlatm because the model fails to read CNTRLATM otherwise.

In addition to the experiment shown I have submitted a few jobs with different processor configurations i.e. 4*8, 8*4, 4*4 and finally 8*16. The final job gets further down the line than my original try but segs further on. I am looking into this problem now.

My question is: is there an optimal configuration of processors for a 432*325 horizontal grid or, is there a mod that overcomes this seg problem.

Thanks in advance for your help, Richard rjel@…

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