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#425 fixed Another start dump request willie oma

Hello again,

Would it be possible to bring available start dumps (MO or ECMWF) for 1200 UTC 11 December 1989?



#426 fixed Running a global model with 70 vertical levels willie oma


I'd like to run the global UM vn6.1 to generate LBCs for a case study from December 2009. I usually run this same setup at a resolution of 640x481 and 50 vertical levels. However, the startdump file I have now has the same horizontal resolution but 70 levels. The other difference with 50-level startdumps is that the new one seems to have three extra fields (STASH=21,STASH=212 and STASH=351).

I've tried to run the usual 50-level setup (example job xdgna) changing the obvious parts to 70 levels taking parameters from example job xeria (the only one I found with 70 levels).

The run did not start complaining with the following error message:


ERROR!!! in reconfiguration in routine Rcf_Exppx

Error Code:- 2

Error Message:- Cant find STASH item 21 section 0 model 1 in STASHmaster

Error generated from processor 0 *

What would you think is the best way to proceed in this case?



#427 fixed LAM failing after 30 mins or so willie a.elvidge


I have a LAM job (xenon) which goes unstable within about 30 minutes of the job running.

I have plotted out these first 30 minutes and find that it appears to be the latent heat flux which is source of the instability. I have tried all kinds of tweaks and changes (e.g. switching on/off the standard deviation and roughness fields of the orography ancil, switching on/off the horiontal diffusion scheme, configuring the standard climatological sst and sea ice ancils, and now with daily sst and sea ice ancil fields), yet I am no closer to a solution.

Just wandering if anyone can any other suggestions?

Thanks, Andy

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