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#3239 completed pumatest account request um_support pmcguire

Hi CMS Helpdesk: Can I get a pumatest account, please? Thanks, Patrick

#3238 fixed Restarting from existing run um_support charlie


Sorry to bother you this difficult time, but I have just encountered an error (with u-br871) that I haven't seen before:

[FAIL] Unable to find top restart files for this cycle. Must either have one, or as many as there are nemo processors (73)
[FAIL] Found 72 iceberg restart files
[FAIL] run_model # return-code=144
2020-03-30T13:39:42Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

This came after a simple continuation from the end of the previous run i.e. not a proper restart (involving all the usual restart files) but simply extending an existing run that had succeeded all the way to its natural end. I thought, perhaps incorrectly, that all I had to do here is extend the runtime within the GUI (Run initialisation) i.e. if it had already done 100 years, and I wanted another 100 years, I simply change this to 200 years. Then restart doing rose suite-run --restart. It is not correct? Whenever I have done this before, it has worked - so why now is it not finding the restart files? I certainly haven't moved them.



#3237 answered Increase disk quota on ARCHER grenville luciad

Hi Grenville,

I would appreciate if you could consider raising my disk quota on Archer work space (if possible with 5 more Gb). I am working with Leighton to run the ACURE PPE, and also postprocessing the files on espp1 and then transferring the data to Jasmin. This requires a multiplication of the same files, as we are copying the suite files and then converging them into .pp format. I had issues last week with disk quota limit, and my suite failed, with multiple members being unable to resync. This means that I had to rerun those members and I am consuming the project's allocated CPU.



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