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#3388 fixed Transition CDO post-processing from LSF to SLURM um_support mtodt


I'm trying to translate a post-processing script that uses CDO from .bsub to .sbatch. It worked fine before (on jasmin-sci*.ceda), now (on sci*.jasmin) I noticed that I have to load jaspy to use CDO, so I added that to my script. However, the job fails with the following error message:

cpu-bind=MASK - host142, task  0  0 [19492]: mask 0xffff set FAILED
slurmstepd: error: Failed to invoke task plugins: task_p_pre_launch error

I honestly have no idea what to make of this, so any help would be much appreciated!

Cheers Markus

#3387 answered Request for increase of quota um_support dgalea


I am trying to run a suite but it is complaining with a "Fatal error: Disk quota exceeded". Having checked, my ARCHER quota (5GB) is filled and my PUMA quoa (1GB) is not far off being full. Give that I intend to run a few 30-year simulations, could my quotas be increased?

Regards, Daniel

#3386 answered Monsoon Access ros s1895566

My supervisor said that I would be losing access to Monsoon at the end of 2020. Is that true?

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