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#1824 answered MONC on ARCHER: Slow Writing willie CCC_MC

I am experimenting with MONC on ARCHER. It seems like the model output is taking way too long to be completed. On average, the time required to complete the run is only 25 minutes, yet the output can take more than 50 minutes sometimes.

Please find the attached pbs output file for details for jobs. Job 3544899 is MONC run with the diagnostics files written at an interval, while Job 3540451 is another MONC run with diagnostics written in the same NetCDF file at the end of the model run.

#1858 fixed MONC Segmentation Faults um_support CCC_MC

I have been trying to run my branch on ARCHER (r756_lba_deep_conv). However, none of the job submitted was successfully run due to segmentation faults (not 11).

I have also tried running the test cases, still without success. My repository can be found on ARCHER at /work/n02/n02/cccmc825/r756_lba_deep_conv.

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Jonathan

#947 fixed Help with understanding an xancil error? jeff CLoptson

I am currently trying to create an ancillary file for vegetation parameters using xancil. However, I am getting the following error:

ERROR: in procedure get_ncdiminfo 1 : NetCDF error number -49 Variable not found:

I have chosen a netcdf file to read the data from and have selected the variables using the 'select' button so I know that all the variables I have selected exist.

Also, I used exactly the same filetype to make an ancillary file for a different job a couple of days ago but today it won't work. I don't think I've done anything differently this time, so I don't understand why it is not working. Any advice on how to fix this error would be appreciated.


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