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#1393 fixed "Not a typewriter" error in reconfiguration for large domain UM run. um_support dgrosv


I'm trying to do a large domain UM run (2000x2000 points at 1km resolution) on Monsoon. I have got this setup working for 1000x1000km domains, but at the larger size I get the error (xkndc000.xkndc.d14287.t160754.rcf.leave) :-

BUFFIN: Read Failed: Not a typewriter

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!? ? Error in routine: io:buffin ? Error Code: 22 ? Error Message: Error in buffin errorCode=0.00 len= 0/ 2048 ? Error generated from processor: 0 ? This run generated 1 warnings ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

gc_abort (Processor 0): Job aborted from ereport.


Offset 0x00000010 in procedure xltrbk_ Offset 0x0000011c in procedure gc_abort_, near line 134 in file /home_proj_work/home/nwp/nm/frml/gcom4.5/meto_ibm_pwr7_mpp/preprocess/src/gcom/gc/gc_abort.F90 Offset 0x00000618 in procedure ereport_mod_NMOD_ereport64_, near line 102 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/control/misc/ereport_mod.f90 Offset 0x00000244 in procedure io_NMOD_io_ereport_, near line 488 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/io_services/model_api/io.f90 Offset 0x00000548 in procedure io_NMOD_buffin64_r_, near line 1782 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/io_services/model_api/io.f90 Offset 0x000003b0 in procedure rcf_read_multi_mod_NMOD_rcf_read_multi_, near line 147 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/utility/qxreconf/rcf_read_multi_mod.f90 Offset 0x00000528 in procedure rcf_readflds_, near line 239 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/utility/qxreconf/rcf_readflds.f90 Offset 0x000062e8 in procedure replanca_rcf_replanca_, near line 1084 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/utility/qxreconf/replanca-rcf_replanca.f90 Offset 0x0000316c in procedure rcf_ancil_atmos_mod_NMOD_rcf_ancil_atmos_, near line 906 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/utility/qxreconf/rcf_ancil_atmos_mod.f90 Offset 0x00000090 in procedure rcf_ancil_mod_NMOD_rcf_ancil_, near line 78 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/utility/qxreconf/rcf_ancil_mod.f90 Offset 0x000001b8 in procedure rcf_control_mod_NMOD_rcf_control_, near line 136 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/utility/qxreconf/rcf_control_mod.f90 Offset 0x000002a0 in procedure reconfigure, near line 85 in file /projects/asci/dgrosv/xjxkt/umrecon/ppsrc/UM/utility/qxreconf/reconfigure.f90 —- End of call chain —-

/projects/um1/vn8.5/ibm/scripts/qsrecon: Error in dump reconfiguration - see OUTPUT

This is in the nested suite and we are going straight from global to 1km.There should not be any large terrain in the domain, but possibly a small island, which I'm told can cause issues also (I will double check about this). We're pretty sure that a lack of memory is not an issue since we have applied a handedit that spreads the load over more nodes - currently the max memory usage is only 8%.

Thanks for any help,

Daniel (Leeds).

#928 fixed "PTY allocation request failed" logging into PUMA um_support kipling

This morning, when I ssh to PUMA, I get the error message

"PTY allocation request failed on channel 0"

following which the shell never starts.

(I was seeing a similar message yesterday evening when submitting jobs to MONSooN, but wrongly attributed this to the aftermath of the MONSooN outage at the time, until I saw it this morning when ssh-ing in from Oxford.)

IIRC at least some versions of linux have a tweakable kernel parameter for the maximum number of PTYs available (although I thought this was done dynamically on modern kernels…) I guess with so many users, PUMA needs quite a lot!

#1673 answered "Rosie go" crashing at start-up on exvmsrose ros gmann

Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk,

Earlier this evening I was able to successfully submit a UM v10.2 suite from MONSOON exvmsrose (u-aa411 — a 2-day job with GA6 N96L85 UKCA CheST+GLOMAP).

When I "rose suite-run" it submitted OK and the gcylc GUI came up OK and the job eventually compiled, reconfigured and ran.

I tracked down the equivalent of the .leave file at:


and found the "built code" at:


so I thought all was working fine.

However, when I typed "rosie go" to open the rose GUI I got "MainWindow?" "display_box" error message as below. It looks like it was failing to set something associated with the window or maybe this is a symptom of some other problem with the PUMA repository?

I don't know if I have something not quite set up right or else maybe this error is a general problem at the current time.

This weekend there seems to be a problem even to open the UMUI on PUMA (I raised separate ticket about this Friday night) and I'm wondering if this error with "rosie go" might be being caused by the same issue?

Please can you advise if this is a general issue or something I have not quite set up right.

Thanks Graham

grmann@exvmslander:~]$ ssh -Y exvmsrose WARNING: This computer is provided for the processing of official information. Unauthorised access described in Met Office SyOps? may constitute a criminal offence. All activity on the system is liable to monitoring. Last login: Sun Sep 27 18:51:31 2015 from

This is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago)

Met Office Science Repository Service password: Subversion password cached Hello grahammann Rosie password cached [grmann@exvmsrose:~]$ rosie go [WARN] None: Max retries exceeded with url: /rosie/puma/get_known_keys?format=json (Caused by redirect) Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/fcm/rose-2015.06.0/lib/python/rosie/browser/", line 994, in handle_update_treemodel_local_status


AttributeError?: 'MainWindow?' object has no attribute 'display_box' 81@14410

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