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#463 fixed model failed in executable willie anmcr


I have a LAM run at 4km resolution over part of Antarctica which has failed with the error 'failed in model executable'. I've looked at the .leave file and can't find any explanation for why it failed. The job is a copy of the '4km run' over the UK.

I did include a modification'VN7.1_increased_amaxsize' which increased the maimum possible row and column size to 2000. This was my first time using FCM, but I think I done it correctly.

The job id is xfbsf.



#464 fixed error in reconfiguration willie anmcr


My reconfiguration failed with the error

'REPLANCA: PP headers on ancillary file do not match'

followed by

'STASH code in dataset 24 STASH code requested 31'.

The two stash codes refer to sea surface temperature and seaice, which are both ancillaries which I modified. However, I've modifed these often in the past and never had this failure. I've had a look myself but couldn't sort it out.

I'd be grateful for any help.

The job id is 'xfbsf'.



#465 fixed MAKEBC with lots of files? willie danpeake

Hi Willie and Chris - I'm emailing you as I wasn't sure who to email, so I hope (if you can't fix it) you can point me in the right direction as to who can fix it.

I've been running the MAKEBC program to generate LBC files from global start dumps, but I'm inputting so many files that when it gets to opening Port 100 (the first three digit one), it fails.

Is there a way to address this? I attach below the code from the error message.

OPEN: File /work/n02/n02/danpeake/MYDD/DD_20040715_20 to be Opened on Unit 99 Exists

this is a Dump

u_field_intfa set to 307200

Model Grid/Levels? in this dump. row_length = 640 rows = 481 n_rows = 480 model_levels = 50 wet_levels = 50 tr_levels = 0 p_field = 307840 u_field = 307200

JTRACER = -1 No tracer data in this dump.

n_flds= 1012 LBC_CHK_VI : Vertical Interpolation required for LBC Area 1

Dump No 69 : Calling IN_INTF. IN_INTF calls INTF_HINTC for Dump No 1. nftout from intf_unit 140

Dump No 69 : Calling GEN_INTF.

Gen_Intf: Timestep 68 : Generate Atmos LBCs for Area 1

Processing dump no 70

OPEN: WARNING: Environment variable FILE not set

Error in opening dump on unit no 100


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