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#3315 answered jobs frozen appear finished on ARCHER um_support luciad


I am a bit confused of the behaviour of my submitted runs. I am running an ensemble using suite u-bu130 for a 4 month period.

After re-logging into ARCHER from pumatest this morning, rose sgc shows that the members for a particular month are submitting, while on archer the same jobs appear finished (except for one ensemble). qstat also doesn't show the ensembles as submitted. I had the same issue with another run, and I forced the finished runs to 'successful' and then the following months failed. So I am not sure what is going on and how I should approach this issue.

I hope you could shed some light on this, as there was no issue before.


#3314 fixed NETCDF not working in JULES pmcguire pmcguire

Hello Patrick,

I have installed JULES vn5.1 and vn5.7 on my laptop and successfully compiled both. However, vn5.7 only outputs ASCII files and no NETCDF4 files. I have tried changing the paths etc to no avail.

Could you please advise on what I may be doing wrongly?

Cheers, Fred

#3313 fixed historical run stuck at recon tasks on Monsoon um_support taubry


I am trying to run a trial historical run with UKESM1.0 on Monsoon. My suite id is u-bv538. It is a copy of the historical suite u-bc613 in which I only modified the run length (3 months) and the information related to the hpc account to use (nexcs-n05). When I run the suite, the submission of both the recon and recon_rigorous tasks fail and they keep repeating submit-retrying.

I should say I am a new user on Monsoon and also haven't run coupled run before so I may have some trivial problems.

Thanks for any help!


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