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#2101 answered xconv on ARCHER unable to open multiple month pp files um_support s1251469


I haven't used ARCHER in a while so it's possible something needs to be updated in my .profile or something.

my problem is that I'm trying to open a set of monthly pp files in xconv but get a segmentation fault. When I try to open yearly pp files it works.

DOESNT WORK: xconv /nerc/n02/n02/s1251469/ICEc2000/archive/xlqtsa.pm20*.pp

DOES WORK: xconv /nerc/n02/n02/s1251469/ICEc2000/archive/xlqtsa.py20*.pp

It also doesn't work when I try them on my uni computers.

Kind regards, Declan

#1078 fixed xconv large file problem um_support pclark

I'm reporting this via CMS as I'm aware you own xconv.

I have a problem with xconv which I guess is a large file issue. I have a very large fieldsfile (/projects/dymecs/paclar/xiezk/xiezka_pd000 which is about 20 Gb).

When I access this with xconv I can look at most fields, but some, e.g. w the second time in the file, gives me a 'fatal error on xconv, error in xseek in get_data'. This smacks of a computation error (maybe integer overflow?) in addressing the file. I'd assume the file was corrupt, but pumf seems to be able to find these fields without difficulty.

#385 fixed xconv job for pp to nc processing running out of time in serial queue lois seruth

I'm not able to get a fairly simple script to run on Hector. This same sort of script ran fine on hpcx. I'm processing UM output files to netcdf format. I can process 1 year of the files in 15 minutes in the serial queue but when I try processing all 6 years even a 6 hour job in the serial queue doesn't succeed. We tried changing the memory allocation too but that hasn't worked.

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