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#12 fixed NDDIAG with input from BADC cwang message@…

Hi Chang,

I dowloaded a pp file from the BADC which is an output from the UKMO-LAM model over Africa. I unpacked it with your command :

/nfs/see-fs-02_u7/earcgw/UNPACKPP/unpackpp infile After that, I planed to use NDDIAG on the unpacked file but I obtained this failure message:

{}% run_nddiag 20060716_18Z_0001_04203.pp.unpacked

Input file is: 20060716_18Z_0001_04203.pp.unpacked


NDdiag v6.0 —————-

Pressure-level diagnostics from UM data on the NEW DYNAMICS grid

Original Author: Peter Panagi Author & Support: Changgui Wang

Dept. Meteorology, Room 1L44, JCMM Univ. Reading PO Box 243 Reading RG6 6BB Tel: 0118 3788794 email:……


Please acknowledge the author and support in ALL publications that have

made use of this software


700.0000 1000.000

TIME -704184320 117440512 268435456 301989888 0 PGFIO-F-219/unformatted read/unit=21/attempt to read/write past end of record. File name = NDdiag.INPUT unformatted, sequential access record = 2 In source file PP_ROUTINES.f90, at line number 242 An error has occurred in running NDdiag

Should I process the unpack file by an other program before using it with NDDIAG?

regards, Ch.

#13 wontfix creating daily ancillary files from NetCDF lois s.lavender@…


I have a NetCDF file of daily SST's and would like to convert this to an ancillary file, at a later point I will be adding some anomalies to this data in order to force the model. In the past I have only ever used monthly data and have used mksstice to convert it.

I was wondering if anyone had a program to convert daily data, or what I would need to change in mksstice in order to do this.

Many Thanks

Sally Lavender

#14 fixed Vertical Levels Namelist file does not exist! cwang…

Hi Chang, I have a technical problem. I'm trying to output 73-levels LBC from a 38-levels model run. I see from your template basis_xcahe_4km that you use a 76-level namelist to specify the vertical levels in the LBC output section. I've added the specific namelist for the 73 levels but I get

Error message: Vertical Levels Namelist file does not exist! * 1525-001 The READ statement on the file fort.90 cannot be completed because the end of the file was reached. The program will stop.

…but the namelist is definitely where it is supposed to be, and it seems to have all that's needed! (I attach it for you to check)

I also see that in the template job above you use a handedit: /home/sws00cw2/um/hand_edits/lmurklbc_false and some modsets in: /hpcx/home/n02/n02/cwang/umod/HTRM/4km/ /hpcx/home/n02/n02/cwang/umod/HTRM/base/

1) Do you know if any of those (presumably the handedit) are likely to solve my problem? 2) Can you send me a copy of the handedit and give reading permission to the directories above?

I also want to reconfigure a 38-level output dump into a 73- level .astart file. Is there any specific modset for the reconfiguration or handedit that I need to use?

Thanks in advance, Maria

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