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#3516 fixed Best practice to perform ensemble simulaitons with Rose um_support Alcide.Zhao

Dear CMS help desk,

I have a suite u-cd882 which is a copy of the HadGEM-GC31-LL piControl simulation. I have made changes to its NEMO3.6 source code in order to add additional heat fluxes in it. I have tested the model, and can confirm it works well .

What I am planning to do is to carry out 10 ensemble simulations where the model branches off from different years (1872, 1945, 1992, 2004, 2058, 2158, 2195, 2229, 2245, 2289) of the HadGEM-GC31-LL CMIP6 piControl runs.

First of all, where can I get the piControl model dumps for these years? I have access to MASS via JASMIN, but I jsut do not know where these dumps are archived.

Secondly, what's the best practice to carry out ensemble simualitons? I can simply copy my suites 10 times and point each to a specific model dump. However, there must be smarter ways for this? This is particularly important should there be a better way which saves both computational costs and time.

I believe it is a matter of customising the Rose suite. It would be great if you can point me to the right places.

Many thanks in advance.

Best, Alcide

#3521 fixed Disabling UM high frequency diagnostics output um_support Alcide.Zhao

Dear CMS help desk,

I am running a suite u-ce052, which is a copy of the one used for the CMIP6 piConrol simulaiton. I found that this suite by (the CMIP6 protocol) default outputs massive amounts of high frequency diagnostics which I will never touch. I'd therefore like to disable these outputs. The reason behind this is that I am planning to run a number of ensemble simualtons, and I have to save space for things.

I cannot do this by 'ticking off' slots in the STASH table because there is no such table in this suite. I have instead found a few things that may be relevant under /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ce052/app/um: tmos_dictionary.json atmos_enabled.json rose-app.conf

I wonder which ones should I change for this purpose, and how should I do it? Is it OK if I just comment out the entry I do not want to keep in rose-app.conf?

Thanks a lot!

Cheers, Alcide

#3524 fixed pumf: Failed to extract header information in suite `u-ce170` um_support Alcide.Zhao

Hello CMS help desk,

I have a suite u-ce066 whcih has been running fine for a few years, and then got stuck at postpro_atms with the following error messages

[WARN] skip missing optional source: namelist:moose_arch
[WARN] skip missing optional source: namelist:moose_arch
[WARN]  Mule Module is not available. um-pumf will be used.
[WARN]  Iris Module is not available
[WARN]  [SUBPROCESS]: Command: /projects/um1/vn10.7/xc40/utilities/um-pumf -h /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ce170/log/job/18540101T0000Z/postproc_atmos/02/job-pumfhead.out /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ce170/share/data/History_Data/ce170a.p11853dec
[SUBPROCESS]: Error = 1:
        [INFO] File(1): /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ce170/share/data/History_Data/ce170a.p11853dec
[WARN] Using default STASHmaster as none provided "/projects/um1/vn10.7/ctldata/STASHmaster".
[INFO] Using script: /projects/um1/vn10.7/xc40/utilities/um-pumf
[INFO] Using executable: /projects/um1/vn10.7/xc40/utilities/um-pumf.exe
/projects/um1/vn10.7/xc40/utilities/um-pumf: line 198: 35036 Aborted                 (core dumped) $pumf_exec > $PUMF_OUT 2>&1
[INFO] Header output in:   /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ce170/log/job/18540101T0000Z/postproc_atmos/02/job-pumfhead.out
[INFO] Field output in:    /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ce170/work/18540101T0000Z/postproc_atmos/pumf_out_A8io/pumf_field
[FAIL] Problem with PUMF program

[ERROR]  pumf: Failed to extract header information from file /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ce170/share/data/History_Data/ce170a.p11853dec
[FAIL]  Command Terminated
[FAIL] Terminating PostProc...
[FAIL] atmos # return-code=1
2021-04-26T21:26:01Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

I can see there are several tickets that had similar issues, but I am not sure if I should follow these, since the error is slightly different. Could you please help me with this.

Many thanks and cheers, Alcide

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