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#3380 fixed cannot connnect to id_rsa_archerum authentication agent um_support Leighton_Regayre


My suite u-bw789 had trouble submitting tasks after around 7am this morning. I have attempted to resubmit the suite, but there is a connection issue.

The command ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa_archerum returns 'Could not open a connection to your authentication agent'

I have remade my id_rsa_archerum keys and followed the instructions here but the problem persists. Any idea what I've done wrong?



#3378 answered Lock exists at the destination um_support s1895566

Quite often my job fails with the following error message:

lock exists at the destination

I'm just wondering what they are and how I can effectively avoid this error. Thanks.

#3377 fixed MPI library JULES jules_support epinnington

Hi Patrick,

Thanks a lot for this, was very helpful! Do you know when they might get the MPI stuff sorted so that we will be able to do the gridded parallel JULES runs again? Seems like /usr/local/bin/mpirun.lotus has disappeared!

Thanks again! Ewan

Sent: 16 September 2020 10:58 To: jules-users@… <jules-users@…> Subject: Re: [Jules-users] update to 2 JULES-on-JASMIN tutorials

Hi Jules-users I'd also like to emphasize that this JASMIN setup is not just for running rose/cylc. The Rose/Cylc was just part of it. But there are other parts, which are more general, like setting up the new host names in your .ssh/config file, and also setting up MOSRS password caching on JASMIN. Patrick

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 9:17 AM Patrick McGuire wrote: Dear JULES users:

Since the hostnames are changing right now on JASMIN, I have updated a primary tutorial (originally from Kerry Day at the Met Office) for how to log into JASMIN and to use the cylc1.jasmin server to submit Rose/Cylc jobs: (MOSRS password needed)

This includes my suggested changes to your local machine's .ssh/config file, as well as changes to the .bashrc and .bash_profile on JASMIN. I suggest now some wildcards in the .ssh/config file, which is different than before. Also, previously, jasmin-xfer1 was used as a proxy instead of the more standard jasmin-login1, and now this has changed to login1.jasmin, etc. This in itself may be worth looking at and updating in your own setups, otherwise a lot of JULES users will have to figure out how to change this themselves.

I have also changed the JULES FLUXNET (on JASMIN) tutorial, which uses Kerry's RoseJULESonJASMIN tutorial to get started. This file in the u-al752 suite has been updated from LSF to SLURM directives: ~/roses/u-al752/site/suite.rc.CEDA_JASMIN The MPI shared libraries for JULES still need updating.

This is still work in progress, so the tutorials will be changed further. If you see something that is wrong or needs improving, let me know.

Patrick McGuire

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