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#165 fixed ECMWF operational data willie carito

Hello, I'm interesed about running an experiment in a limited area for March 2006. I'm still quite new using the UM but I already have done some experiments using the start dump files for the UM version 6.1 in hector but I would like to move forward and do some experiments using more components and the date I'm interesed in. How can access these files? Thanks

#173 fixed Problem with job xczxi willie laurahb


I'm having problems with the UM job xczxi - it runs ok (ie no errors) but the output is mostly NaNQ 's . I've worked out that the problem is in the output file xczxia_da006, which is created during the first part of the run (it's set up as an automatic resubmission every 6 hours) - some of the fields in that file, (eg. spec humidity after timestep, theta after timestep) are NaNQ's everywhere except at the boundaries. The start file xczxi.astart seems fine. What is particularly confusing is that this job is essentially identical to the job xczxf which i ran a couple of months ago and was fine, and nothing has changed within the job or with the start dump or lat bcs file.

Any ideas why this may have happened?



(hpcx and puma username: laurahb)

#177 fixed ancillary files required willie anmcr

username: anmcr email: anmcr@…


Could you please generate ancillary files for the following domain.

Many thanks,

Andrew Orr

Domain: Antarctic Peninsula, Domain Type: Limited Area, Rotated Domain: Yes, Save to 64-bits files: Yes, 76 Vertical Levels: No (38 Levels), Number of Rows: 214, Number of Columns: 154, Latitude Spacing: 0.11, Longitude Spacing: 0.11, Latitude of the bottom left corner of the domain: -13.66, Longitude of the bottom left corner of the domain: 351.48, Rotated Pole Latitude: 158.86, Rotated Pole longitude: 116.45.

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