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#2803 fixed aerosol optical depth in UM10.7 willie zliu


In UM10.7,I try to add some aerosol optical depth (e.g. sulfate) into STASH for output, but I found the variable is in the lw section. Do we get the aerosol optical depth in sw? Most of the aerosol optical depth for lw is actually zero because of their small radius. I have no idea why we get aerosol optical depth just for longwave. Thanks.


#2804 fixed so2 emission output willie zliu


I am running simulations with UM10.7. In the STASH, I output monthly so2 emissions in both high (section 50, item 216) and low (section 50, item 215) levels. I get the monthly output, but the value is not equal to so2 emission input when checking with NCVIEW. Does anyone get ideas about this?

I also try to output SO2 natural emissions (section 50, item 217) with labels including DIAG, TDMPMN, and UPMEAN. But I didn't get this variable output.

Could you please help me to address these two questions? Thanks. zhen

#2812 fixed puma disk quota exceeded um_support zliu


If possible, may I ask to increase my disk quota to 5G on Puma? I need to create and modify some fcm branches but it saturates my home space.

Cheers, zhen

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