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#996 fixed running the UM on hector/monsoon annette bs

Hello, I am trying to get an example job for hector and/or monsoon and looked at the puma webpage of um configurations and tried to locate xfkub on the UMIU, but couldn't find it - wondering if there is something else I need to do? Best wishes, Bablu

#1068 fixed trying to run a um job but fails to extract ATM annette bs

Hello I am trying to run a job that Tim Graham (tigrah) ran with the difference that he ran it on monsoon and I am trying to run it on hector. It uses version 7.7 of the um. When it tries to extract the code using fcm it extracts BASE ok and then fails when trying to extract ATM. the umui job is called ximpa and the extract output is in ~bs/FCM_extracts/ximpa/ummodel/ext.out. It says the return code is 25:

Calling NDS_MAIN_SCR - local… (This may take several minutes.)

NDS_MAIN: Calling Extract … Extracting BASE … BASE extract is OK Extracting ATM … ATM extract failed NDS_MAIN: Extract failed NDS_MAIN stopped with return code 25

Your job directory on host is: /home/n01/n01/bsinha/umui_runs/ximpa-136110750

setting up UM variables

Total PEs : 96 NOTE: The following has been selected for running on the CRAY XT

96 MPI task(s) 24 node(s) 4 MPI task(s) per node 2 OpenMP thread(s) per task

#1111 fixed um continuation job problem annette bs

Hello, I am running HadGEM3 on hector via puma (job xaieb), and can get the model to do a new run, but am having problems getting it to a continuation run with automatic resubmission. Could you let me know the procedure - I thought all that was necessary was to add in the crun hand edit, but I keep getting error messages saying either the atmosphere basis time is mismatched, or the right nemo start dump isn't available. Best wishes, bablu

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