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#2353 answered Moose/Monsoon problem um_support ChrisWells


I’ve been trying to use Monsoon (user chwel), after the training days in December, and can’t seem to get it to work. I think the problem is to do with my Moose account – it never worked when I followed the steps in the initial Moose email I had. The email said to copy the moose credentials file, change permissions, and do “moo si -v”, but now I just get “command not found” for moo (although I’m certain when I did it before I got an authentication error similar to the one below; when I remove the moose file and copy it back in the “command not found” is what I get.). And when I try and run a suite, in the postproc I get this kind of error repeated:

[WARN]  [SUBPROCESS]: Command: moo mkset -v -p project-ukesm --single-copy moose:crum/u-at511

[SUBPROCESS]: Error = 2:
                mkset: (failed with code ERROR_AUTHORISATION) permission denied.

Which I guess is because I haven’t set up Moose properly. Do you know what I could do to make it work?

Many thanks,


#2408 answered Finding suite variables ros ChrisWells


Some variables referred to in a suite show up when typing say "echo $UMDIR" (in exvmsrose), but some don't appear (e.g. $CMIP6_ANCILS) - where can I find where these are defined in the suite?

Many thanks, Chris

#2599 fixed Can't extract JULES on puma ros ChrisWells


I'm trying to run an old um8.2 job from puma. The job was ran on the old XC40 machine (xcml00), and I'm trying to run it on the new one on Monsoon.

I get the error when I submit it:

“MAIN_SCR: Calling Extract … Extracting UMATMOS base repository… UMATMOS base repository extract is OK Extracting JULES base repository… JULES base repository extract failed See extract output file /home/ChrisWells/FCM_extracts/xodta/baserepos/JULES/ext.out MAIN_SCR: Extract failed MAIN_SCR stopped with return code 1 Job submission failed”

I checked out the file and it says:

“… Generated ext cfg: /home/ChrisWells/FCM_extracts/xodta/baserepos/JULES/cfg/parsed_ext.cfg →Setup destination: 0 second →Extract: start [FAIL] revision keyword not defined”

I searched on trac and this person had the same problem, apparently due to an expired certificate:

Do you know how I might get this to work? and any other issues I might have with this?

Cheers, Chris

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