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#3374 fixed follow copies feature in browser revision log works for a JULES suite but not a UM suite. um_support pmcguire

Hi CMS Helpdesk When I select the follow_copy button in the browser for comparing rose copies of this UM suite: then it doesn't follow copies. What can I do to get it to compare to previous copies?

This follow copies feature works fine, for the JULES suite:

I tried to change the web addresses manually to have action=stop_on_copy&mode=follow_copy, but that didn't help.

Any suggestions? Patrick

#3373 answered rose arch moo put command failure um_support jlgarcia

Dear CMS team,

I am a new monsoon user. I just got my account as part of a phdcase scholarship. I have copied a suite to do a test run but I keep getting the following error with the rose arch:

[FAIL] moo put -f /home/d03/jgarcia/cylc-run/u-bx281/share/data/bx281_r000i1p00000_20080901T0000Z.astart moose:/ens/u-bx281/r000i1p00000/ada.file/ # return-code=2, stderr= [FAIL] put command-id=1003066109 failed: (SSC_TASK_REJECTION) one or more tasks are rejected. [FAIL] /home/d03/jgarcia/cylc-run/u-bx281/share/data/bx281_r000i1p00000_20080901T0000Z.astart → moose:/ens/u-bx281/r000i1p00000/ada.file/bx281_r000i1p00000_20080901T0000Z.astart: (TSSC_SET_DOES_NOT_EXIST) no such data set. [FAIL] put: failed (2) [FAIL] ! moose:/ens/u-bx281/r000i1p00000/ada.file/ [compress=None, t(init)=2020-09-17T15:23:13Z, dt(tran)=0s, dt(arch)=3s, ret-code=2] [FAIL] ! bx281_r000i1p00000_20080901T0000Z.astart (bx281_r000i1p00000_20080901T0000Z.astart) 2020-09-17T15:23:17Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

I have tried:

moo ls moose:/ens/u-bx281/

but it shows a similar error. I have also found that I don't I have access to moose:/crum Is this because I am to be added to a different project than phdcase? Or is phdcase a valid project to carry out any simulation on monsoon.

Many many thanks.

#3372 fixed Forgotten password on puma um_support sws00rsp

Apologies but the password I thought I had for puma is clearly not the correct password. Please could I get it reset

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