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#178 fixed Start dump willie oma

Hi Willie,

I'd like to run a simulation starting from 7th November 2007 at 00Z and 06Z for the NERC project "Sting jets in severe Northern European windstorms". I am already running on HeCTOR so I would be very grateful if you could put the data on that machine for me.

Kind regards and thanks,


#179 fixed 76 levels in HECToR willie oma

Dear All,

I'm trying to run the global model to generate LBCs for a 12 km run with 76 levels (as specified in the file vertlevs_2G3). I have this file in my directory


I have already been using it successfully in HECToR for 12 km runs. However, the global run fails sending the following error message

UM ERROR (Model aborting) :
Routine generating error: IntfCtl?
Error code: 20
Error message:
Vertical Levels Namelist file does not exist!

I have also tried the file in $UMDIR/vn6.1/ctldata/vert with exactly the same result.

Looking at the files in $UMDIR/vn6.1/ctldata/vert I noticed that the only difference between vertlevs_2G3 and the rest was the permission setting. I changed those in my own file but still it did not work.

Just as a test I am using the 38-level version (vertlevs_G3).

:( It finished while I was writing: It failed with the same error :(

Any idea on what the problem might be?



#183 fixed Inconsistency in modsets for a global run in HECToR...? willie oma

Dear All,

I'm trying to run the global model on HECToR in order to generate LBCs for a LAM run. The job ID is xdmxa. I had done this before (two/three weeks ago) and everything was fine. However, now that I'm trying to use the same setup again (without any change) I'm finding the following error message in the .comp.leave file

qsmain(106): * Starting Fortran77 nupdate

Completed with 1 error(s) and 1 warning(s). /work/n02/n02/oma/tmp/tmp.nid00008.17944/modscr_xdmxz/qsmain: Model xdmxz - Error(s) in Fortran77 code update step

qsmain: %UPDATEF77% output follows:-

PUMSCM: version 1.21 (2003/06/19). © Met Office Error : Cannot modify *PURGEDK'd deck QPOS2A (Modset PUM61FMODS)

Ignoring all modifications to this deck.

I've downloaded the example UMUI job xdgna with exactly the same unsuccessful results and error message. From this message it seems as though there is some inconsistency between the MODSETs to be used in this case. Has there been any change recently in these?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



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