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#18 fixed xbrta (full climate run) compile errors & modsets lois tea@…

'm trying to run the example job xbrta (xceja is my experiment). beech:

When this is done "as is" the compilation eventually fails with the error: "ioerr1a.f", line 94.12: 1513-039 (S) Number of arguments is not permitted for the INTRINSIC procedure "abort". ioerror === End of Compilation 1 === (see /hpcx/home/n02/n02/arbetter/um/umui_out/xceja000.xceja.d06310.t151741.comp.leave)

So I searched and found that this error is handled in a deck modset /hpcx/home/n02/n02/umx/vn6.1/mods/pum_full_6.1.mf77

But this modset isn't included in SubModelIndependent?ScriptInserts?? (only the .mu modsets are)

Various attempts to include the mf77 modsets failed, with errors like (in /hpcx/home/arbetter/um/umui_out/cejb000.xcejb.d06307.t171252.comp.leave)

The following script modsets will be used:$PUM_MODS61/pum_full_6.1.mf77$PUM_MODS61/$PUM_MODS61/$PUM_MODS61/um_archive61_hpcx.muEnd of ListCompleted?? with 19 error(s) and 10 warning(s).updscripts: Error in nupdate commandupdscripts: Nupdate command was :-pumscm -p /hpcx/home/n02/n02/umx/vn6.1/normal/source/umsl -i /hpcx/tmpchkpt/jtmp/l1f401.95345.0/tmp/xceja.updates -d -F -M

corresponding with (in /hpcx/devt/n02/n02-ncas/arbetter/xceja.out):

updscripts: %UPDATES% output follows:-

PUMSCM: version 1.21 (2003/06/19). © Met Office Error : Deck IOERR1A not found in Program Library (Modset AAD1F602)

Ignoring all modifications to this deck.

So, this only happens in the full run (atmos + ocean); the atmos-only run compiles and runs successfully.

I tried making a simple modset in ~arbetter/umod/vn6.1/toddmod.mf77 but that didn't work either.

#246 fixed xancil: problem creating sst/seaice ancillaries jeff anmcr

Hello Jeff,

I've created N320 sst and seaice ancillaries in netcdf format. They are available for you to view on Hector at


The files are labeled and

Viewing with xconv you will see that the variable nt=2, with dates 1995/07/15 and 1995/07/16. This seems fine up to here.

The problem arises when I use xancil to create the ancillaries. The xancil job is called sst_ice.job, and the resulting ancillaries named seaice.N320.ancil and sst.N320.ancil.

Viewing with xconv you will see that the second date has somehow been erroneously changed to 1996/01/15.

I had set 'Is SST ancillary data periodic in time?' to no in the sst panel. The seaice panel would not let me change this option.

Can you please help?



#715 fixed xancil, orography, um7.8, missing fields for x, y component gradient. jeff agt

Hi Jeff,

I'm trying to do some experiments with orography- I've done some before with earlier versions of the UM but there now seem to be additional fields that are causing problems with the reconfiguration failing: "REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH". Other tickets with this problem were using periodic files, which I don't think is the problem here.

Of course I actually want to change the orography, but to illustrate the point, I describe just using xancil to read in the original orography file, then write it out again.

The original orography file I am working from (see /net/elder/export/elder/data-01/sws05agt/no_india/HadGEM3_GA3.0_amip/qrparm.orog or in the same directory) has 9 fields. When this is loaded into xancil (example job orog_replicate.job) and then written out again (the file is the result), there are only 7 fields.

The two additional fields are stash codes 5, 6 which appear to be "orographic gradient x component" and same for y. These are additional to the xx, xy and yy gradient fields.

There is a toggle in xancil to include orographic gradient component fields, but probably this just includes the existing xx, xy, yy. Also in xancil there are only variable name boxes for 7 fields, not 9.

Any help appreciated,



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