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#1126 fixed um 7.7/ 7.8 configuration annette wx019276


I was wondering if it would be possible to have a standard job configuration for 7.8 HADGEM3A GA3.0 but as a fully coupled standard job to run on hector rather than the atmosphere only one that is currently under umui on puma. The resolution I was hoping to use was N96L85 with 1deg ocean resolution. If there is such a standard job for a later version this might also work - but I couldn't see a standard fully coupled job like this under umui.

Many thanks, Ruth

#1132 fixed JULES SVN access annette emrobi

Hi, Please can you enable access to the JULES SVN for me? Thanks.

#1142 answered CESM on HECToR annette mbollasi


I am planning to install and run NCAR CESM on HECToR. On the model documentation web site ( I see that HECToR is within the supported machines. This should make things easier. Is someone actually running CESM or CCSM4 on HECTor?

Thanks! Best regards,


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