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#3306 fixed cannot access puma um_support till

Hi there,

following Grenville's email from 1 week ago I tried to access puma:

swx06tk@nxnode2:~$ ssh -Y

***************************** WARNING ******************************
This is a private computer facility.  Access for any reason must be
specifically authorized by the owner

Permission denied (publickey).

Quite recently I was on puma to update my Archer access (Andy's email). I'm not sure what's wrong now?

Thank you Till

#3305 fixed fcm um_support zcui

I tried fcm on ARCHER

fcm ls returned gpg-agent[3810]: Assuan processing failed: IPC read error COPYRIGHT.txt CodeOwners?.txt admin/ bin/ fcm-make/ rose-meta/ rose-stem/ src/

But, echo $SHLVL returned 3.

#3304 fixed failed to submit fcm_make um_support amenon


I am trying to run a suite for the first time after setting up the new keys and other set ups as per the recent emails regarding Archer 2FA access. I am running the suite for a single day to out put a single variable. Hence I am not planning to archive the output at the moment and hence haven't done the 'Archive to Jasmin set up'. As soon as I submit the suite, the build_local gives submit failed error. This suite is a copy of one of the suites that already worked for me when RDF was available. Could you please help me to figure out the issue. The suite id is u-bv246. Thanks.

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