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#3249 fixed Tile Configuration in Namelist jules_surface_types um_support mtodt


I'm currently trying to run a Met UM suite with 9 PFTs (u-bt231) )but when using a new ancillary file, I get an error related to the tile order specified in namelist jules_surface_types:

Namelist configuration   102  2  101  202  5  3  4  502  501  6  7  8  9

The numbers should read 102 103 101 202 201 3 4 502 501 6 7 8 9, though. In jules_surface_types, I prescribe


I copied those entries in jules_surface_types from a UKESM suite and changed the order according to my ancillary file, so I don't understand where the different indices stem from. Many thanks in advance for your help!

Cheers Markus

#3248 answered Error making vegfrac ancillary um_support anmcr

Hello Helpdesk,

My job is u-bt436, running on Monsoon 2. It is a nested suite over a region of Antarctica, with domains at 4 km, 1.5 km, and 333 m. The model runs fine if I run with only the 4 and 1.5 km domains. However, when I add the 333 m domain, it is unable to generate the vegfrac ancillary. The error given is:


*ERROR: No source data available in target domain

I'm afraid that I don't know how to get around this.

I did think that I could perhaps take the vegfrac ancillaries that were successfully made for the 1.5 km domain, and interpolate them to the 333 m domain, and with the aid of Xancil make the actual ancillaries.

Many thanks for your help,


#3247 answered pptransfer failed checksum um_support m.couldrey


Lately I've been getting failed transfers from XCS-C to my GWS on Jasmin. Note that this is a different issue to the one I raised before in ticket 3244 as far as I can tell.

For example, my suite u-bt507m, cycle 18500401T0000Z has originally failed the on the pptransfer task. The job.err for attempt 01 shows that a pp file bt507a.p618500521.pp checksum test failed. I suppose this means the checksum of the file calculated on Jasmin doesn't match the checksum in the checksums file sent?

When I manually calculate a checksum for this file and check it against the one recorded in the checksums file, the two do not match. The last time this happened, I was able to manually send the file from the XCS to Jasmin and the newly-sent file does have the correct checksum. Retriggering the PPTransfer task then proceeds ok. I was able to do the same procedure again this time.

What concerns me is that this corruption has happened twice in two cycles in a row for this suite (bt507) and once towards the end of my now-complete bq244 suite. Is there some problem with the connection, or with the transfer servers lately? Am I just getting very unlucky? The three other similar suites I ran never had this issue, so it seems like a strange coincidence now.

Many thanks Matt

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