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#1575 answered xancil wants formula_terms @ vertical coordinate jeff lboljka


I was trying to create an ancillary file from my ozone netCDF file but received error:

doesn't contain the formula_terms attribute needed 
to calculate vertical level values.

At first it gave me an error about standard name but I fixed that, however I am not sure how to specify this "formula_terms". I have checked in cf-convention/xancil documentation and it only says I should specify formula_terms and in documentation it says:

formula_terms = "a: var1 b: var2 orog: var3".

But this does not help me much as I am not sure how to add it in the file. I have used ancillary ozone file from $UMDIR:


but apparently it does not have specified standard_name nor formula_terms. All I did was converted that ancillary file to netCDF via xconv, created annual average and symmetrised data about Equator. Now I am trying to convert it back to ancillary file using xancil.

The netCDF file I created is:

archer$ /work/n02/n02/lboljka/startdump_ancillary/

Then I added appropriate standard_name and created from that file. In that same folder there should also be the job I was using to create ancillary that failed with the above error.

Do you have any suggestions as to what is the best way to go about this problem?

#2823 fixed xancil settings causing nested forecast to fail um_support shakka

Hi Jeff (assuming you are the right person to talk to about this!)

I have been having some issues with my nested model runs failing on the first timestep, having 'ingested NaNs? or infinities' (i.e. one of the catch-all BICGSTAB errors). I have narrowed the error down and discovered that the model is unhappy with my custom-made land-sea mask.

I created the LSM and orography files together with xancil v 0.57. The UM accepts the orography ancil fine, but when I use the new LSM rather than the UM defaults, it causes this crash.

Are you able to advise me regarding the necessary settings to produce a functional LSM file that the model will accept? I have tried no end of combinations but haven't settled on one that works.

My xancil job can be found at /projects/polar/elgil/ancils/hindcast_ancils/make_hindcast_ancils.job

This is quite urgent as I need to get several runs done soon using this domain.

Thanks very much in advance, Ella

#1306 fixed xancil not working on Archer um_support charlie


Sorry about this, but I'm having problems creating ancillary files using xancil on Archer. The application opens okay, but when I try to create the ancillary file it fails saying xancil isn't found.

I have attached the .log file, in case that helps.

Thanks a lot,


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