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#1145 completed having trouble running a um job adapted from tim graham (tigrah) annette bs

This is a HadGEM3 Job ported to monsoon by Jeremy Walton and I think it has been run on Monsoon. When I try to run it Puma says the job is submitted, but there is no entry on the job queue on monsoon and no output file either, although the job files are copied across and so is the um source code - but no executable is compiled. Hope you can help, the job identifier is xizqa

#1151 fixed no output from UM job annette till

Hi there, could you please check my hector job xgvwr. It runs smoothly, but there is no output. It runs just 3 timesteps, and I would like to analyse these three timesteps in the output. I guess my error is either in the STASH panel profiles (TTSTEP/ DIAG/ UPTS), or in the Initialization and Processing of Standard PP files. Many thanks for your help.

#1166 fixed Starting a run using a previous CICE restart dump annette mk1812


I'm using the coupled atmosphere-ocean model on MONSooN (UM vn8.2, NEMO vn.3.4, CICE vn4.1m1). I want to start a new run using the restart dumps from a previous run I've done as the initial conditions, however the CICE restart dumps appear to use the timestep number to define the date, and this is causing the CICE model to initialise with the wrong date. For example, if my previous run was for 31 years from Sep 1999 to Sep 2030, and then I try and start a new run with a start date of Sep 2030, the CICE model thinks that the date is Sep 2061.

The model still runs as an NRUN, but with CICE outputting files with the wrong year, and then if I try and continue it as a CRUN the model detects the mismatch between the timestamps in the CICE files compared with the atmos files, which causes the run to abort.

I have tried editing the CICE namelist to change the istep0 variable to be equal to the timestep number that the CICE dump should already be on, but this did not make any difference. I also tried running the UM reconfiguration, and changing the year_init namelist variable to 1999 instead of 2030, neither of which worked either (the reconfiguration I guess only configures atmos dumps, and the year_init namelist variable gets overridden by the UMUI start date).

Any advice that you could provide on how to start a new run using a CICE dump from a previous integration would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance, Matt

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