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#3368 answered stuck UM suites on ARCHER; login7->login um_support pmcguire

Hi CMS Helpdesk: I was running 3 different N216e UM suites on ARCHER, when we were encouraged to switch from using login7 and to start using login. I made that switch in the suite, and I reloaded the suite. After reloading the suite (i.e., u-bw963), the postproc and pptransfer jobs for cycle 20020801 were successfully submitted and completed through the new login node. But the atmos_main task for the next cycle was submitted on September 12, 11:09 UT, but it hasn't started running yet. This is a lot longer of a queueing time than recently before.

Any suggestions for what I might have done wrong so that the job isn't starting after 3 days? Patrick

#3367 fixed Issue with SSH agent for connecting to ARCHER um_support alwalsh

I've followed the instructions on this page for setting up the connection to ARCHER from PUMA. However once I log back into PUMA after this step:

puma$ cp ~um/um-training/setup/ssh-setup ~/.ssh

there is no SSH agent running. I have to manually set up an agent, but this doesn't keep running when I disconnect from PUMA meaning I can't run any UM jobs. I wondered if another step is required to keep an ssh-agent running constantly?

Many thanks.

#3366 answered ANTS config um_support vanniere

Hi Patrick

I have another question on ANTS, Patrick!

Have you ever configured ants.config?

I would like to define myself the x_split,y_split parameters, but I can’t find any good example of how to do that.

Thanks for your help!


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