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#1169 fixed Reconfiguration error - item 511 not in input dump annette mk1812


I want to use the output dumps from one of my existing jobs (xizka) to provide the initial conditions for a series of other jobs, however I am getting an error whenever I run a job which requires reconfiguration of one of my xizka restart dumps. The error I get gives Error Code 30 in routine Rcf_Set_Data_Source, with the message: "Section 0 Item 511: Required field is not in input dump!". See for example my job xizkg, with output file: /home/mkasoa/xizkg000.xizkg.d13317.t180057.rcf.leave

This job is essentially an exact copy of my xizka job, just with the initial start dump changed to one of my xizka restart files - I have made no changes to any of the prognostics or user STASHmaster files, and so as far as I know there should not be any difference in the input fields needed. Moreover, if I inspect the xizka restart file (/nerc/ukca/mkasoa/xizka/atmos/restart_dumps/xizkaa.da20100901_00), then the dump actually does contain item 511 - it's field number 182 in the restart file.

The job runs successfully if I match the starting year and do not reconfigure the start dump, so clearly the dump does contain the correct fields. However some of the runs I am intending to perform will require reconfiguration of the dumps, which is why this error is problematic.

I would really appreciate any help you can give as to why I am getting this error even though the start dump apparently does contain the required field.

Best regards, Matt Kasoar

#1171 fixed Problem with the build stage of the UKCA tutorial annette s1251469


I am trying to do the UKCA tutorial. I've copied the initial job and I am trying to submit it. username etc are changed.

I did the FCM tutorial a few months ago successfully. I believe the key for ssh-ing to hector became out of date. I tried redoing this by removing the old id_dsa and files and repeating the instructions as per the FCM tutorial. I can successfully ssh to hector from puma with a passphrase.

When I submit the job I get the error: "UMATMOS base repository extract failed"

I have looked in the .out file as suggested and it seems to be a problem with permission from hector. Can you see any issues with the job?

many thanks, Declan

#1212 fixed Coupled model resubmission errors annette laurahb

Reported by user:

On MONSooN model runs have failed due to time-outs or lack of disk-space. Resubmission of CRUN sometimes fails with this error:


ERROR: The latest NEMO restart dump does not seem to be
       consistent with the UM .xhist file
       This suggests an untidy model failure but you
       may be able to retrieve the run by copying the
       backup dump and xhist files to original location
       and restarting with the appropriate NEMO dump

It is complicated by the fact that archiving deletes intermediate dumps so starting a new NRUN means retrieving dumps from up to 6 months ago.

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