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#2599 fixed Can't extract JULES on puma ros ChrisWells


I'm trying to run an old um8.2 job from puma. The job was ran on the old XC40 machine (xcml00), and I'm trying to run it on the new one on Monsoon.

I get the error when I submit it:

“MAIN_SCR: Calling Extract … Extracting UMATMOS base repository… UMATMOS base repository extract is OK Extracting JULES base repository… JULES base repository extract failed See extract output file /home/ChrisWells/FCM_extracts/xodta/baserepos/JULES/ext.out MAIN_SCR: Extract failed MAIN_SCR stopped with return code 1 Job submission failed”

I checked out the file and it says:

“… Generated ext cfg: /home/ChrisWells/FCM_extracts/xodta/baserepos/JULES/cfg/parsed_ext.cfg →Setup destination: 0 second →Extract: start [FAIL] revision keyword not defined”

I searched on trac and this person had the same problem, apparently due to an expired certificate:

Do you know how I might get this to work? and any other issues I might have with this?

Cheers, Chris

#2600 answered Can't run after extracting from puma willie ChrisWells


Related to

The submission extracted the files over to xcs, but then, in /home/d00/chwel/output/xodta000.xodta.d18248.t151944.comp.leave , errors begin at line 28852:

" /include -INetCDFmodule -I/projects/um1/grib_api/cce-8.3.4/1.13.0/include -c /projects/ukca-imp/chwel/xodta/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/control/mpp/sterr_mod.f90

ftn-855 crayftn: ERROR IOS_MPI_ERROR_HANDLERS, File = ../../../../../projects/ukca-imp/chwel/xodta/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/io_services/common/ios_mpi_error_handlers.f90, Line = 22, Column = 8

The compiler has detected errors in module "IOS_MPI_ERROR_HANDLERS". No module information file will be created for this module.


The file projects/ukca-imp/chwel/xodta/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/io_services/common/ios_mpi_error_handlers.f90 line 22 is

" MODULE ios_mpi_error_handlers "

so presumably column 7 is the i in ios, indicating that this module is the problem? I'm unsure what this is about - do you know how I can get around this?

Many thanks, Chris

#2641 fixed ITD cleanup error in step_therm2 um_support ChrisWells


(Following from - I'm running the UM at vn8.2 on xcs, so have been having problems getting it to fit together.

The model now runs for a short time but fails in routine step_therm2, with the error "ITD cleanup error in step_therm2" - I'm unsure what this is. Do you know how I can fix this?

Many thanks, Chris

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