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#2748 answered Vertical heights um_support ChrisWells


apologies if this information is in the documentation - I can't seem to find it.

I'm trying to calculate vertical averages from a hybrid_ht grid (85 levels). So I need to weight by box height, but I'm unsure how the boxes are defined. When the first value of hybrid_ht is 20, does that mean the box is from 0 to 20 metres, i.e. that hybrid_ht value is the box top? Or is it defined differently (e.g. middle of box)? And if not, how does the top of the atmosphere get taken into account?

Many thanks, Chris

#2758 fixed Rose gui not working on xcs um_support ChrisWells


As exvmsrose will be retired on 12 February, I tried using it on xcs. But when I try and copy a suite I get the attached error. Copying still works on exvmsrose.

Do you know what this error means?

Cheers, Chris

#2768 answered UKESM start dump um_support ChrisWells


I'm going to use UKESM to do emissions perturbations, but I'm unsure what I should use as start dumps.

I notice that UKESM has run the CMIP6 historical simulations, leading up to the present day, but clearly this climate isn’t in equilibrium. (

I also see that HadGEM3 N96ORCA1, the core of UKESM, has been ran present day for at least 750 years. While this is in equilibrium, I don’t think (and could be wrong) that this is exactly UKESM, so UKESM wouldn’t be in equilibrium if ran with the output of this. ( )

Do you know:

  1. Can I access and use start dumps from these runs?
  2. Which one would be best to use for my simulations? Or if something else would be better?

Many thanks for any advice on this, Chris

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