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#3297 fixed Access denied to PUMA after new 2FA ros ecmaters

When I try to log in to PUMA from ecm63(at) after the change to two factor authentication yesterday, it just says 'Permission denied (public key)'. I followed precisely the instructions of Andy Heaps' email regarding generating an ssh key pair and emailing him the file. Have I done something wrong? Best, Elena

#3296 answered PUMA login glxaf yakedy

Dear Helpdesk,

I've been away from work for the last two weeks and just seen the email about the new authentication needed for 2FA, and see I missed the deadline.

What is the best way to get this configured now or will there be a new process?

username: glxaf

Hope you are all keeping well and safe, Alex

#3295 fixed Not clear why SSH not working after 2FA change um_support markr

Hello: I tried to log in fro the leeds gaeway machine. I was able to add my new leeds2puma key bu then got rejected -I wonder is that because my puma session would try and launch an ssh-agent? Here is what happened: [earmgr@see-gw-01 ~]$ ssh-add .ssh/id_rsa_leeds2_puma Enter passphrase for .ssh/id_rsa_leeds2_puma: Identity added: .ssh/id_rsa_leeds2_puma (.ssh/id_rsa_leeds2_puma) [earmgr@see-gw-01 ~]$ puma * WARNING This is a private computer facility. Access for any reason must be specifically authorized by the owner Permission denied (publickey).

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