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#207 fixed print out list of chosen STASH diagnostics willie chollow

Is there an easy way to print out the entire table of selected STASH diagnostics from a job, or save it to an easily printed file?

#208 fixed LBC time frequency willie chollow

We are planning to do some limited area domain runs at 12 km resolution forced with lateral boundary conditions generated directly from UM start dumps (using makebc) rather than using lateral boundary conditions generated by a global model run. However, the actual analysis dumps are only available at most every three hours. Then the LBC file will only have values every three hours (or every six hours for ECMWF analyses), and therefore the 12 km resolution run will experience sudden changes in forcing every three or six hours. Is that correct, or does the UM try to interpolate the boundary conditions in time? If it is correct that the forcing changes abruptly, do you have any idea whether this can cause major problems with the limited area run?

#209 fixed difficulty running global model from ECMWF start dump willie anmcr


I've having difficulty running the global UM from ECMWF ERA40 start data.

I have achieved the following i) Reconfigured the ECMWF start dump to a N216 UM start dump. I used the template basis file supplied on the PUMA umui. This is at ~anmcr/work/xdopb/DATAW. ii) Run the N320 global model using the sample UM start dump on Hector and the template basis file from the PUMA umui. This is at ~anmcr/work/xdpoa

However, if I try to run the global model using the reconfigured ECMWF start dump then my run fails. I have tried a number of combinations which all fail i) Modifying my above N320 run to N216, and then running using the ECMWF data. This is ~anmcr/work/xdmvh ii) Using my zdpoa N320 run and reconfiguring the already reconfigured ECMWF start dump from N216 to N320. This is ~anmcr/work/xdpoc

Rather than going through all this, I thought it might be easier if you had a sample basis file for a i) a N216 run which runs a reconfigured N216 ECMWF start dump ii) a global N216 job for hector iii) a N320 run which runs a reconfigured N320 ECMWF start dump

Thanks for any help. I have tried to sort this out myself but was not able to.

Andrew (anmcr)

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