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#1816 answered xancil does not convert all time dimensions jeff ucfaako


I've been trying to create a new vegetation disturbance ancil with the pre-defined xancil Disturbed Vegetation Fraction menu but it only converts the first year. The input netCDF has 101 time slices starting at 1860-01-01. I have tried both, setting the ancillary file dates manually to Year 1860 | Month 1 | Day 1 | Hour 0 etc, number of times 101 (also tried less than 101) and value of time interval to 1 year as well as letting xancil extract the specified dates from the netCDF. When checking in xconv the date is always set to 0000-01-01, no matter what the input date was. The netcdf, ancil and namelist files can be found in /home/n02/n02/akncas/ancils I'm probably missing something obvious but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Alex

#1035 fixed xancil - error jeff df019697

I'm currently trying to run my own experiment using ancillary files generated with xancil (SST and sea ice).

The experiment is xigtc. /work/n02/n02/df019697/xigtc

The leave file in /home/n02/n02/df019697/um/umui_out/xigtc000.xigtc.d13066.t165000.comp.leave

gives an error:

UM ERROR (Model aborting) : Routine generating error: INITIAL Error code: 8 Error message:

INANCILA: REAL header Error.

Cheers, Ray

#15 fixed xaemf stash and NCAS Helpdesk lois caroline@…

Hi Chang (& Lois),


I've been trying to make changes to xaemf but something very strange is happening, although I have changed my STASH and have NOT included the old stash, I then save, process, submit and when I run my job but the job outputs the old stash not the new stash - very confusing as this is switched off in the umui! The only other thing is the 2 stash codes I am trying to output (sensible heat flux and soil moisture) have never successfully been outputted for me.

NCAS HELPDESK: I couldn't submit anything via the helpdesk a minute ago… does it have intermitant problems??

cheers, Caroline

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