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#28 wontfix Reconfiguration Step Freezes lois luke.abraham@…

I am attempting to use a dump from a previous run as the start dump for a new job. When running without reconfiguration the job will continue on from the previous values of the prognostic fields held in the dump, as if it were a continuation run. When running with reconfiguration the job will freeze at the reconfiguration step.

The only change that I have made to the provious run is the location and name of the start dump in

Atmosphere | Ancillary and Input Data Files | Start Dump

in the UMUI. I am running on HPCx. Output from the .leave file is posted below. It is not very illuminating.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed? Is any more information required about the job?

/hpcx/devt/n02/n02-ncas/luke/tmp/modscr_xaipr/qsexecute: Executing dump reconfiguration program /hpcx/devt/n02/n02-ncas/luke/um/xaipr/xaipr.recon

ATTENTION: 0031-408  32 tasks allocated by LoadLeveler, continuing...
ERROR: 0031-250  task 3: Terminated
ERROR: 0031-250  task 0: Terminated
ERR.... (etc.)
#29 fixed cannot run NCAS UM tutorial lois michael.bane@…

Following the instructions at

I've downloaded xbrta from hpcx to my *local* machine, and have now uploaded the basis_xbrta file; I've amended user-id and mail-id but I don't understand what I need to do for

  • Change the path of any user preSTASHmaster files (Model Selection →

Atmosphere/Ocean? → STASH → User STASHmaster files)

  • Change the path of any hadedit files in UM version 6.1 jobs (Model

selection → Submodel independent → User hand edit files)

since the files for the former (eg encor_5.5) aren't in any of the files I downloaded and if I leave as the default I get an error saying the default (/home/umui/hadgem1/vn6.1/preSTASHmaster/encor_5.5 etc) doesn't exist

#30 fixed typo on UM example lois michael.bane@…

At web page there is a type in setting up env vars for PUM on HPCx, specifically #UMSETUP=/hpx/home/n02/n02/umx/vn6.1/normal/scripts/.umsetvars_6.1; export UMSETUP should read #UMSETUP=/hpcx/home/n02/n02/umx/vn6.1/normal/scripts/.umsetvars_6.1; export UMSETUP

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