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#1250 fixed GC2 NEMO/CICE output annette wx019276

I am using GC2 on MONSooN through puma (job id xjhb*) I have done a few test runs and I am ready to set of a longer run. However I am confused by the standard output from NEMO and CICE - I have tried to find this online but I can't find a relevant website - perhaps you know of one?

I am not getting any ocean output archived to MASS at the very least I would like the monthly means of the ocean and ice data. I do get ice data which is *.1m.* - is this the only output or is there other CICE output that isn't being archived?

So I guess my question is two-fold (1) what output from NEMO & CICE should I expect and (2) how can I get this to archive to MASS (there doesn't seem to be any options in the umui to change the output for NEMO and CICE.)

Thanks in advance for your help, Ruth

#1252 completed Transferring data from Hector to Archer annette charlie


I'm trying to transfer all of my data on /home and /work from Hector to Archer, ready for the Hector shutdown next week, but struggling to know how best to do this.

I can't use sftp because this doesn't allow transfer of directories (and files therein), and given that some of my directories have numerous subdirectories it would take forever to manually transfer each one.

I was using scp but, although this works, not all the data appears to have transferred correctly, e.g.

scp -r xiogc cjrw14@…:/home/n02/n02/cjrw14/um

Then, on Hector:

hector-xe6-7:cjrw09$ du -skh xiogc 393M xiogc

but, on Archer:

eslogin001:cjrw14$ du -skh xiogc 229M xiogc

Why has it only transferred some of the data?

Apologies for the basic question,


#1256 answered How do you change the frequency that NEMO and CICE dumps are archived? annette laurahb

How do you change the frequency that NEMO and CICE dumps are archived? I've looked in all documentation I can find and in relevant bits of the UMUI but can't find anything that controls this.

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