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#3176 answered /work allocation for A-CURE project um_support Leighton_Regayre


This relates to the closed ticket #3134 and I was hoping to add it to ticket #3161 but that is now closed.

Our A-CURE project partners are now able to use our allocation as requested. Could we once again adjust our /work directory allocations so that ensembles of simulations can be submitted?

In order to keep our overall allocation the same, could you please adjust our allocations by the following amounts?

Leighton Regayre: 13Tb less Lucia Deaconu: 5Tb less Chris Symonds: 6Tb less Thomas Langton: 12Tb more Mark Richardson: 12Tb more



#1554 answered /work/ space allocation um_support Leighton_Regayre


Could I please request that my space allocation on ARCHER /home and /work be increased?

I've had a bid to produce a large ensemble on ARCHER approved and will need space to store output from a large number of simulations.



#3210 answered 1.2T input directory for Global JULES on JASMIN pmcguire NoelClancy

Hi Patrick,

Do you know of a suitable location on the JASMIN group workspaces for a large (1.2T) amount of input data?

I want to run a global ozone damage suite on JASMIN but I need to save a 1.2T directory of necessary input data files on JASMIN (OzDamDriverData). This input data will also be available of others who wish to run global JULES suites on JASMIN in the future.

[nclancy@eld504:/scratch/nclancy]$ du -sh OzDamDriverData 1.2T OzDamDriverData

scp: /group_workspaces/jasmin2/jules/nmc_data_transfer/OzDamDriverData/CRU-NCEP-v7/CRU-NCEP-v7-n96e/ Disk quota exceeded

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