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CICE restart file wrong, but job running

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I recently restarted a NEMO/CICE atmosphere coupled job in the UM 7.3. I specified restart dumps for NEMO/CICE in the corresponding scientific parameters and sections. However, I missed one of the directories in the path for the CICE restart dump. Still the job ran well for several years.
How is that possible?
I checked the NRUN leave file and found

/projects/ukca/pnowac/xieum.xiuema.da???10 not found 
/projects/ukca/pnowac/xiuem/xieumo_??????? not found
/projects/ukca/pnowac/xieum/xieumi.restart.????-??-01-????? not found 

So it appears that all my path specifications were ignored since they are different to the ones above? How can I change this? I would also be interested to know which restart dumps were used instead for the run.

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NRUN file: /home/pnowac/output/xieum000.xieum.d13057.t234103.leave

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Hi Peer,

I'm not sure what CICE will do when the CICE_START file is not set correctly.

The not found errors given above are not associated with this, and are to do with my user script. They should only appear in the NRUN .leave file, since there are no restart files existing at the start of the job.



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Looks like Luke and I were both answering your query at the same time!

CICE doesn't actually need the restart files to run. As I understand it, the important initialisation information is held in the salinity and potential temperature files. So that explains why it happily ran without finding your files.

Next, the way that the run scripts for NEMO-CICE work is to create symbolic links to the input files in the working directory. This is because when NEMO-CICE is running it always expects files to be in the current directory and have standard names.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Annette,

Thanks for the info! Does this then mean that if the restart file is missing it will just spin-up from the salinity and potential temperature files? If the initial start file is provided does it then take this information from that file instead?



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I don't know any more than the technical aspects of how this works.

The salinity and potential temperature are fields for the ocean and are, I
think, used for the ocean state if no restart is given. I assume the
sea-ice will just spin itself up without a restart file, as restarts are
optional. Although all the runs I've taken from the Met Office have had a
CICE restart specified.


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OK, I will simply type the path correctly next time…but good to know

Thank you Annette, thank you Luke!

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