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FCM_MAIN: Extract failed

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Cc: Platform: HECToR
UM Version: 7.3



I'm difficulty submitting job xhldu. I get the error below. This arrises when I include the branch 'fcm:um_br/dev/anmcr/vn7.3_UKCA_CheM_PSC_GW_Scheme/src'. However, if I do not use this branch and instead include the one above it (fcm:um_br/dev/jmk64/VN7.3_UKCA_CheM_PSC_production_run/src) then it submits okay.

I saw a similarity to ticket #760. However, this dosen't seem to be related to lack of space.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



See extract output file /home/anmcr/um/um_extracts/xhldu/umbase/ext.out
FCM_MAIN: Extract failed
Tidying up directories …
FCM_MAIN stopped with return code 1

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by ros

Hi Andrew,

Looking in the extract output file you list above, you will see the following lines:

ERROR: UM/control/top_level/diagnostics_gwd.F90: merge - cannot resolve conflicts:

There is a conflict between your branch and Luke's. Both these branches change the diagnostics_gwd.F90 in the same place. You will need to resolve this conflict before you can continue.

The conflict in this case is where you are declaring the new variables: index and exner. Luke's branch also adds in new declarations on the same line. The easiest way to resolve this conflict (to save the hassle of merging branches and going through conflict resolution) would be to move your declarations a little further down the file.


comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by anmcr

Hi Ros,

Thank you very much for your help. Following your suggestion I resolved the conflict and the run completed successfully.

Best wishes,


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