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errno value of 29

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I'm trying to do a 500m grid-spacing run (xcuxg) forced with BCs output from a 1.5 km run (xcuxf).



ATTENTION: 0031-408 32 tasks allocated by LoadLeveler?, continuing…
"rcf_set_lsmout.f", line 827: 1525-013 The sequential or stream WRITE statement
cannot be completed because an errno value of 29 (A file or device is not appropriate for the lseek system call.) was received while writing the file /hpcx/devt/n02/n02-ncas/jmarsham/xcuxg/xcuxg.fort6.rcfa.pe0. The program will stop.

what does this mean? Thanks,

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Hi John

Line 827 of rcf_set_lsmout.f is

Write (6,*) 'Reconfiguration Error'

So there is nothing wrong with that line, but that part of the code is giving an error message about the number of land points in the umui not agreeing with the number of land points in your land sea mask ancillary file. In the umui (window Atmosphere→ Model Resolution and Domain → Horizontal) you have Number of Land Points = 7621, but your ancillary file has 55788 land points, also your ancillary file is 360x288 but in this window your domain is 400x350, in fact most of the numbers in this window disagree with your ancillary files.

You either need to change the resolution/domain of your job or your ancillary files.


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OK - I thought since my 500m domain is entirely inside the 1.5 km domain I could use the same ancillary files and the reconfiguration would take care of the resolution change? (It won't generate more detail at the 5000m scale but I don't need this).

The UMUI atmos-model domain-horizontal does require the number of land points though. Where do I find this? the .leave file jsut states

Reading in Ancillary Land-Sea Mask


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The UM/reconfiguration does not do any interpolation on ancillary files you need to generate them at the resolution you need. The reconfiguration program can interpolate the fields in a input start dump. If you need to generate ancillary files you can use the NCAS UM Ancillary file Service ( If you need any help with this reply to this query and I will get someone to help you, I haven't used it myself.

If you put in the wrong value for the number of land points the UM will tell you the correct value, but your runs never got that far. Usually this information is given when the ancillary files are created or you can copy it from someone else's job who use the same files. There wasn't a easy way to get this number otherwise, so I just wrote one

get_num_land_points maskfile

should do the job, get_num_land_points is in $UMDIR/bin and should be in your $PATH. Let me know if you have any problems with this command.


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