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Reconfiguration problem - "Error encountered while attempting to allocate a data object"

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I am trying to run a new 12km resolution simulation over Africa. I have copied a job I have done at this resolution for another date which works fine. Unfortunately the new simulation crashes during reconfiguration with the following line repeated several times in the .leave file:

"rcf_allochdr.f", line 161: 1525-108 Error encountered while attempting to allocate a data object. The program will stop.

Beyond that, the .leave file doesn't give much info. I have looked at the rcf_allochdr.f routine but can't really follow what is going on in there. I have also verified that the stash diagnostics are okay (having seen this suggested in a previous ticket). Do you know what is causing this? I have tried messing about with switching on and off different ancillary file usage, but this doesn't make a difference.

The id for this job is xcxed. I have removed the permissions lock on the relevant files.

Thanks for your time.

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I have tried running this same job again with almost all stash diagnostics switched off. I still get the error regarding space issues. Is anyone else having problems with space at the moment? Or do I have to do something with the data_limit variable?


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Hello Gerry,

Having looked at your job xcxed and my immediate thought was the ancillary files. I presume that all your ozone, orography etc are the 12 km ancillary files that you used for the previous run of you LAM all you are changing is the global start file. Can you run your previous working example of your job with this start file?

I don't think that the problem is with the STASH.

Could you try changing just one thing at a time, start with a working job and then
- change the start file

- change the STASH items

Sorry to leave the testing to you.


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Hi Lois,

I tried regenerating the ancillary files again. It appears to work this time. One thing I did differently was that I made sure I rounded out the values, e.g. first latitude, to 5 or 6 s.f with zeros. I had noticed that the previous ancillary files had values such as 352.0001. Anyway, this seems to be working now so thanks for that.


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