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Ancillary files - path setting and location on ARCHER

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I'm trying to run a vn8.4 UKCA job using a 365 day calendar.

I am running into trouble finding some ancillary files, and also I am confused about where in the UMUI the full paths are set. I'd appreciate your advice with this.

I have two problems:

1) It's reading the 360 day OZONE ancillary:

Ancillary data file 1 , unit no 30 , OZONE


OPEN: File /work/n02/n02/hum/ancil/atmos/n96/ozone/sparc/1994-2005_360/v1/qrclim.ozone_L85_O85 to be Opened on Unit 30 Exists
IO: Open: /work/n02/n02/hum/ancil/atmos/n96/ozone/sparc/1994-2005_360/v1/qrclim.ozone_L85_O85 on unit 30
IO: from environment variable OZONE

Warning in INANCILA
Wrong calendar setting in Ancillary File 1
Model run is set up for 365 day calendar.
Ancillary File is for 360 day calendar.

OZONE file contains zonal mean data for 1 points x 145 rows

Ancillary data file 6 , unit no 35 , SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES

I guess this is because of the _360 in the path. But I'm not sure how this path is set. I don't have a UM_ANCIL variable set (in Time Convention and SCRIPT Environment Variables).

The Ozone climatology location is set via:

Ancillary and input data files → Climatologies and potential climatologies → Ozone

But it is simply set to: $UM_ANCIL_OZONE_DIR

I don't know where this path is actually set. Could you possibly explain it to me?

2) Missing ancillaries

As I started from a job from Karthee I point to some of his directories, but he doesn't have all the files I need. Is there somewhere central on ARCHER where they are stored that I should be pointing to?

OPEN: File /work/n02/n02/karthee/ancil/surf/sst_amip2_clim_n96_v6.0 to be Opened on Unit 35 does not Exist
OPEN: Ignored Request to Open File /work/n02/n02/karthee/ancil/surf/sst_amip2_clim_n96_v6.0 for Reading
IO Error Report *

The job is xjwui.

Thanks for your help,

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The ancillary file paths are set in the Ancil filenames version and Ancil versions files. Navigate to Atmosphere→ Ancillary and input data files→ In file related options→ Ancillary version files. These files add extra indirection. You can still override ancil paths/files in the usual places.

So the ozone with Gregorian calendar is in /work/n02/n02/hum/ancil/atmos/n96/ozone/sparc/1994-2005/v1 for example.

I haven't searched for ssts - I'm not sure what file you are looking for.


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