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Attempting to run from a new branch : failing during compilation

Reported by: fcentoni Owned by: luke
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Cc: Platform: ARCHER
UM Version: 7.3



I am trying to get running from a committed version of new branch but I keep the run failing during compilation.

This is the error message I get:

touch /home/n02/n02/fcentoni/um/xkjmb/ummodel/flags/FFLAGS__UM__src.flags
gmake: *** No rule to make target `mflm.o', needed by `flumemain.o'.  Stop.
gmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
# Time taken:            0 s=> gmake -f /home/n02/n02/fcentoni/um/xkjmb/ummodel/Makefile -j 6 all
gmake -f /home/n02/n02/fcentoni/um/xkjmb/ummodel/Makefile -j 6 all failed (2) at /fs2/n02/n02/hum/fcm-2014-02/bin/../lib/FCM1/ line 611
cd /home2/n02/n02/fcentoni
Build failed on Mon Sep  1 11:12:30 2014.

Could you please help me out with that?

I urgently need to get a new working copy (including the last Wesely scheme updates of Luke's branch) running.

Many thanks.
Kind regards,

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Hi Federico,

You have neglected to add the /src at the end of the fcm:um_br/dev/fcentoni/vn7.3_drydep_FCNTv1 in your FCM Options for Atmosphere and Reconfiguration Panel. Please add this and try again.


comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by fcentoni

Hi Luke,

Thank you, I managed to get my new working copy running at least in the base configuration (job xkjmb).

However, when I try to output 3D diagnostics with the hourly time profile (job xkjmc), the job fails as soon as it starts running.

I have first replaced the asad_chem_flux_diags.f90 with the one you had provided me last year but the run crashed .
Then I tried to rerun with the original asad_chem_flux_diags.f90 but it failed again.
This is what I got from the last attempt:

UM Executable : /work/n02/n02/fcentoni/um/xkjmc/bin/xkjmc.exe

_pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 01971] [c2-1c0s12n3] [Mon Sep  1 15:21:09 2014] PE RANK 10 exit signal Segmentation fault
_pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 02021] [c2-1c1s9n1] [Mon Sep  1 15:21:09 2014] PE RANK 46 exit signal Segmentation fault
_pmiu_daemon(SIGCHLD): [NID 02060] [c2-1c2s3n0] [Mon Sep  1 15:21:09 2014] PE RANK 52 exit signal Segmentation fault
[NID 01971] 2014-09-01 15:21:10 Apid 9915792: initiated application termination
diff: /work/n02/n02/fcentoni/tmp/tmp.mom5.14846/xkjmc.xhist: No such file or directory

Could it depends on the time profile?or the usage profile (i.e. UPG)?

Many thanks.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by fcentoni

Hi Luke,

I finally got the model properly running.

I am now able to output the most part of the information I need.

Many thanks.

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